Summary. Films

The first film is ‘Chemical Free Microorganism Wastewater Treatment System.’ The film states that presently, there are so many water purification systems that involve chemicals. These chemicals affect animals, human beings and the environment. Additionally, they are extremely expensive. However, researchers from TokyoKasaUniversity have found a chemical free wastewater treatment system that involves the use of microorganisms (Diginfo, 2012). According to these researchers, the treatment system uses two microorganisms, anaerobic and aerobic. The treatment system works using a bioreactor mechanism where the two microorganisms are placed in two glasses (Diginfo, 2012). In the system, the water is made to pass through the glasses containing the two microorganisms. In this case, the microorganisms separate water from the waste. When the water comes out it is already purified. The treatment system is extremely cost effective, and it can be applicable to purify water pods, rivers and domestic water (Diginfo, 2012).

The ‘Waste Water Treatment – SCADA Plant IQ’ is an animation film showing a waste water treatment SCADA plant (SCADA, 2012). First, all waste water from toilets and other sources recollects in the gravity sewer system where it flows to a lift pump. At the lift pump, a signal is sent to the operator to indicate the amount (SCADA, 2012). In the first step, big objects like stones are removed from the waste water. The second step is through the grit clarifier where small solids that have passed the first step are removed from the waste water. The third step is the primary purification (SCADA, 2012). In this step, water passes through the aeration building for removal of unsuitable smells. Since the water is in the form of sludge, it flows into a digestor where the sludge is removed. Finally, waters flow through the last step the final clarifier where microorganism are killed using UV. After this step, water is taken back to the society ready for use (SCADA, 2012).



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