Resurgence of the Housing Market

In the article ‘What’s up with the Housing Market’ by Irwin Kellner, the housing market prices are presently on the rise (Kellner, 2012). As a result, other sectors in the economy are also increasing showing hope in the fragile economy. However, in the article, Kellner is also explaining that the housing market is not over from the woods because politics might affect it (Kellner, 2012). For this reason, a clear picture of the market will be certain next year after elections. This is because the winner of the election will determine the direction of the market through policies the government is going to create.

According to the article, first, the increase of housing prices can be attributed to the market forces, demand and supply. In this case, an increase in demand causes an increase in prices while an increase in supplies causes a decrease in demand (Morgan, 2008). Kellner states that prices are increasing due to the rise of demand in comparison to supply. Secondly, Kellner states that increase in prices leads to the increase in wealth of homeowners (Kellner, 2012). As a result, the gross domestic product is increasing resulting to growth in the economy. Additionally, the increase in wealth is providing homeowners with an opportunity to pay their debts once they sell their houses.

Therefore, home sellers who are willing to sell should put their houses in the market to weigh how much they worth. In addition, the government should work together with the housing industry to ensure that the fragile economy does not break again. In this case, the government, should come into consensus with the housing industries about tax regulations to, ensure that the market does not collapse. However, it is essential for the relevant parties to wait until the elections are over to make a decision. This is because the person elected as president might not be willing to work together with the housing industry leading to unsound marketing conditions (Green & Malpezzi, 2003).



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