Compare and Contrast Between Reality and Advertisements


Most advertisements are meant to blind fold the consumer from reality in order to promote its products. They tend to discredit any other products so as to encourage consumers to use the self proclaimed products and in so doing they end up achieving their result of making a profit. These advertisements also tend to include just a little bit of some true facts and a bunch of misleading information in their content. They are so quick to claim how sturdy and effective their products are but rarely exposing the whole truth about the disadvantages that their advertised products truly cause. This is seen as I compare and contrast the provided scientific research facts with an advertisement.


The scientific research and the advertisement both suggests that the lesser the CP (Carbamide Peroxide) concentration in a whitening gel, the longer it takes the gel to be effective. The two also claim that the lesser the concentration the lower the sensitivity reactions. The both suggest that not everyone who whitens their teeth will notice a change in their ultimate color. The two both acknowledge the fact that the length of time that a tooth is exposed to CP and the tooth’s mineral composition determines how white the tooth will become.

Both the research and the advertisement agree on the fact that, the higher the concentration, the greater the sensitivity caused. The research suggests that, a 10% CP concentration gel best creates a balance between efficacy and sensitivity whereas the  advertisement suggests that anything between 16% and 22% CP concentration offers the best whitening results with temporary side effects.

However, the advertisement does not say exactly how long the whitening will last as clearly stated by the scientific research results. The advertisement also goes ahead to discredit other competitive products in order to promote its product. The advertiser does not tell the utmost truth about their products. He or she does not mention any disadvantages caused by their products. The advertisement does mention any side effects caused by its gels, it instead twists the whole version of the story putting the blame on the sensitivity of the tooth.

This advertisement goes ahead to discourage individuals from purchasing these gels from dental offices claiming that, gels found in these offices contain 35% CP concentration. This discouragement is bound to encourage individuals to purchase only the advertised product. The advertisement also justifies its high price by claiming that the cheaper whiteners ranging between $39 and $139, contain an acidic pre wash. The advertisement also claims that this pre wash damages the enamel and so leaving one with only one option, which is to purchase the advertised product.

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Basing on the above comparison and contrast, it evident that most advertisements are just after promoting the organization’s motive of generating money in whichever manner not putting the consumer’s health in to consideration. It is because of this fact that I would advise that all advertisements be rechecked scientifically, and real facts be put in the open so as to offer the consumer a fair chance to choose what they want putting in to consideration all the disadvantages.

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