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The film is extremely sad and sympathetic for the viewers. However, one instance in the film needs to be reviewed closely due to the ideas it portrays to the viewers. This instance is where Iphigenia accepts her fate to be sacrificed to apiece the gods. In addition, the soldiers can get wind so that they can set sail to fight the crucial war. In this instance, when people are shouting sacrifice her, Iphigenia and her mother are panicking. At first Iphigenia is not willing to be sacrificed. She is afraid and ashamed. Moreover, her mother cannot let her child be brutally murdered in the name of sacrifice. Finally, Iphigenia eventually agrees to be sacrificed. This instance is trying to coin the idea that children are innocent beings who can make wise decisions. For this reason, they are able to make wise decisions for the grown ups if parents offer them an opportunity.

If a person can observe closely, the gods never chose Agamemnon’s wife but his daughter. This is because they know that Agamemnon’s wife is impure in comparison to Iphigenia who is an innocent child and pure from evils. In this case, the gods knew that when they chose her for sacrifice as a punishment to Agamemnon who killed a sacred lamb. Therefore, it is worth noting that a lamb is also an innocent animal that is extremely pure from the social evils of the world. For this reason, the gods were taking what is equivalent to what Agamemnon took when he killed that lamb. The main reason for choosing this instance is that, in the most difficult times, children can portray courage. Secondly, people should understand that God expects people to be pure and innocent at all times in reality but not for sacrifices. If they become impure, they are going to face the consequences.



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