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Soundness and Ethics

”Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties” Milton, 1918, p. 57). These obvious words show that namely such notions as freedom and dignity refer to every personality, despite what nationality the person is and what color of the skin he or she has. Certainly, society always dictates its own stable laws and cruel strict rules of life, which are difficult for the honest person with a true morality.

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An incredible film ”12 Years a Slave”, which is based on the real facts exactly concerns the questions of freedom, liberty, slavery, racism, human rights, humanity, injustice and of course, ethics. It is revealed that neither moral nor spiritual values exist among those who possess people as slaves on their plantations working the whole day almost for nothing. Owners do not care what slaves eat, how they feel and what they are able to do and bear in order to find a small piece of soap. The only thing rich people know is to get as much money as it is possible, not taking into account that their slaves are alive God’s creatures.

The main actor Solomon Northup is a free, respectable, well-mannered, married man from New York who loves his wife and adores small children but, unfortunately, he is black. Trusting two unknown men that pretended to be sincere friends, they sell him and in such a silly way, Solomon becomes a slave suffering from constant, endless injustice, cruelty and taunts for a long period of his life being very young. Surely, he never expected that he would be betrayed for the sake of nothing more than a pitiful amount of money.

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Explicitly, there is no justice in slavery at all. Laws are changed, but universe is still eternal and invariable. People paid money for slaves and those had to gather sugarcane in a limitless number being profitable for their owners because slaves were merely ordinary black dirty dogs as the owners considered them. Owners are usually very cruel people and they used to treat those others according to their desires to make the slaves indulge the habits they have got whether it is midnight or noon. They never paid attention to it.

Despite all, slaves are the same people with the same right to live and the difference is just poverty. They are not guilty that destiny decided to order about their lives. Who is to blame? It is strange that there is no truth in it and, by the way, nobody can answer this question.

Solomon Northup, who has his own judgment and thinking, tries to survive in unreal conditions suggesting his ability to play the violin. He hides his world outlook and never speaks about his moral values. Once asserting his right, Solomon could forfeit life because nobody was able to assist him. In other words, to survive means not to find death for him. As he says, he does not want to survive, but to live. Of course, Solomon is not a saint he made some mistakes in his life. However, never losing his temper, somehow, and maybe even deep in his soul, he continuously believes in justice that one day he will see his wife with children.

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Summing up, all people must understand that they are born to live not to exist. It does not matter whether humans are black or white because they are a real personalities with own rights, independent opinions and thoughts. Never give up following future intentions and only at the end you will be able to reach an unspeakable happiness as the main actor Solomon Northup did. Every person deserves respect, understanding and love!

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