Rhetoric Triangle Analysis

The information provided on television and the video presentations made on various subjects are important ways of conveying important messages to the masses. Rhetoric analysis is a way of understanding and inferring texts or any other literature work which may be in form of a film or video. It helps to examine how the rhetoric devices have been used to compose and persuade the audience. The rhetoric triangle analysis is an analysis of the three most important elements of the literal piece of work which are the speaker, audience and the situation. These three elements make up the rhetoric triangle. This kind of analysis also helps to establish the relationship between each of these elements of the rhetoric triangle.

The video presentation on good parentage: “The Invisible father” is delivered by the writer himself. The delivering is a form of narration that goes on as the video is showing with different effects showing what lack of parentage can do to a child’s development. The narrator delivers the presentation about responsible fatherhood, loving parentage and caring motherhood for the required development of a child in black community that will enable that child to fit in any society in the modern world. The presentation is made to a middle-class group of parents from the black community who requested the presentation upon the celebration of the “black child.” The narrator appears to be timid and a naïve black man in his late twenties as he delivers the presentation to an audience of restrained, sober African American parents. This presenter, narrator, was allowed to give the presentation after suffered as child being brought up by a rowdy drunken-mother without the presence of father and having to struggle through life. This presentation as it is delivered by the young man makes one notice that the African American parents are sympathizing with him and feel sorry for him. The situation is that, the Black Child is being celebrated but instead of connecting the message with the situation at hand, the audience tends to relate it to the circumstances under which the presenter grew up. The writer’s main objective was to deliver the message that black children like those of the audience should be taken care of with love and attention of sober available parents who help them to secure a good future. By this the speaker is now appealing to their thoughts and ideas letting them know that even though they might not agree with his presentation, they as well agree to the logos, as intended by the writer.

Another video presentation of interest to me is a presentation on the dangers of HIV-AIDS entitled: America Responds to AIDS. The most visible element of this presentation is the force behind the presentation. The presentation prepared by the federal PSA took more than $ 15 million to secure airtime on local affiliates and television networks between the years 2008 and 2009. The presenter here again is a person who is HIV-positive woman giving the advantages and disadvantages as well as the challenges the AIDS victims go through. The message is directed to every one and the audience is a wide range of people, ranging from teenagers to old people, HIV/AIDS victims, teachers, medical practitioners and every one in the country. The logos is clear, the fight against AIDS is for everyone and all people are either infected or affected. The audiences receive the message feeling responsible for the calamity the epidemic has caused. The situation is that AIDS has spread at an alarming rate and it is one of the causes of death in the world. There is a good connection between the writer’s message, the audience and the situation making the presentation a success.

The first presentation was not as good as good as the second was because the audience did not agree to the logos delivered by the young man. At the same time, the audience did not respect the authority bestowed upon the narrator. The success of the second video on AIDS shows a real message; that the Americans are really responding to AIDS. This is shown by the way the money has been donated to buy airtime to make sure the video. Therefore, it was a better presentation with a message in time for the addressing of current problem in America. Parenting problems are different and they have always been there since the time of Adam and Eve and so it doesn’t carry much wait as the message on AIDS.

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