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A Critical Review of “Pride and Prejudice”

Throughout human history, people thinking more of their relationships with others, and this has been a matter of priority. It’s so much interesting and loving to have intimate friends, relatives and neighbors around, as perhaps, they act as encouragers, counsels and mentors in our life. These should have been the idea in Jane’s mind as she inscribed the words in the book “pride and prejudice” in which my review is anchored.  More so, it’s so much exciting to have someone much closer than a friend, relative, or neighbor, that is, it’s so significant to have an eternal marriage partner to live a marriage life to its fullest. Well, living a marriage life to its fullest is not an easy task. Does this mean that married partners have not lived their lives to its completeness? This is not the case that I intent to portray, but to unveil Jane’s efforts which were to help the audience to realize living a marriage life from one’s own choice rather than living in the influences of those around him/her.

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The “pride and prejudice” recounts about the relationships of the couple of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet together with their children (5). Though the two lives in sub-urban areas almost regarded as a rural place, they are passionately seeking prosperity in their lives and the family as whole. Bennett’s wife is quite much preoccupied with the family marriage relationships, and she therefore, constantly works toward getting friendly with the neighborhoods purposely to find the best marriage partnership opportunities for her five daughters. Mrs. Bennet is much torn down of the marriage partners for her daughters and her excitement about their matrimony brings feelings of unhappiness to her (67). Through her struggles seeking to have potential respectful marriage partners for her daughters, this has negatively affected Mr. Bennett’s life, and the unhappily feelings has been penetrating in his life due to the nagging character of Mrs. Bennet. Either, Mrs. Bennet has got much concern of her daughters than her husband, but there is little that she can do about the matter without the husband’s involvement. Despite the fact that at times the Bennets aren’t collaborative, hence, conflicts opinions or suggestions seem to separate the couple and destroy the family unity (219).

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In the proceeds of Mrs. Bennet’s work, some of the opportunities are opened for her daughters, but not all chances that are presented are appealing to her. She believes on marrying her daughters to rich men or those whom she thought had great opportunity based on the material possession that were in their charge at that time. This means that she neither thought of live changes as well as changes in the individual’s economic and social class. In several occasion, her wishes of finding the men that he believe are of the character finds no favor and interest in the life of her daughters. The search for a marriage partners is thus made complex with some of the individuals either being less concern of marrying, while others become ignorant. Moreover, the issue of marriage is made too complex and sophisticated by the differences in interest or opinions portrayed by the various involved Bennets and their relating parties (175). At the end of it all, Mrs. Bennet’s efforts are more or less fruitful with her daughters getting married, even though, most of them experience a lot of struggles and conflicts in their marriage life.

Depending on the revealed work, the author of the pride and prejudice’s aimed at passing the message of marriage to the audience as major societal issue. She therefore described the complexity of marriage matters through the main characters of Bennets. According to the revealed content in the first part of the work, females are dependants of the male partners, and this dependency is mainly based on material possession. This is well exemplified when the author points out that, unmarried women have a higher tendency of living poor.  She adds that this is the main factor for seeking matrimony among the females. This shows that the fate of woman’s wealthy is entirely entrenched within the male partners (35). However, the idea should be taken as discrimination against women’s abilities and talent. With this kind of notion, the Bennets’ couple is not only disrespecting the daughters’ rights on making decision of their marriage partners, but they also negatively affect their lives by making them to think and believe that they are weak objects in nature. However, it’s certain that no all females embraces this way of thinking, with Elizabeth going on her way of making her marriage decision independently. 

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All in all, it appears that the “pride and prejudice” work is just fraught of marriage and family conflicts or disagreements. Though to some extent this might be case, there are pertinent concepts which would make the reader to turn over the pages of the book right from the beginning up to the end. The works is a mined of sound ideas which I can highly recommend to all range of readers in the society, whom might be seeking the knowledge and understanding of the best strategies to employ on matters concerning marriage and courtships.

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