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Strategic Health Plan Kingston Community

Kingston health community is a dynamic organisation devoted to providing a variety of services whose objective is to improve the health and well-being of all the people living in the Kingston community, CA. It consists of a network made up of 10 Distich Health Institutes and 5 ReferralHospitals enabling the Kingston Community to deliver a variety of incorporated services including inpatient, outpatient and emergency hospital services, mental and physical health services, public health, health promotion programs and adult care services.

Mission: Creating a health reliable healthcare system and providing better health for all people in Kingston as a community.

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Vision: To be the preferred health care provider in Kingston Community.

Core Values: We are aware that the Kingston Community believes in us to act on their needs at all times. To fulfill our vision and mission and sustain the trust, we are driven by these four values:

  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Care for people

Strategic Model: The mode of strategy used by the Kingston health care system involves strengthening the areas with priority that develops from the reviewing of the Kingston Community Health strategic Plan of 2008-10 and the following are the new priorities:

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  1. Making the people healthier- focuses on the endorsement and protection of the health of all the people in Kingston as well as prevention of bad health conditions and habits such as obesity, heavy drinking, smoking and unsafe exposure to the sun.
  2. Meeting health care safety needs and sustainability- concentrates on the challenge of addressing the health needs of all the people across the continuum of care and outlines of how these will be achieved as well as ensuring that the people experience the shortest waiting times at the public hospitals by the year 2015.
  3. Reduction of inequities in the public health service- Focuses on the inequities existing among specific population groups. It addresses especially the ways to achieve the targets of improving mental health care as well as reducing the gap resulting health outcomes for the rural, remote and indigenous people.
  4. Enhancing organizational performance and developing staff:  Describes how the Kingston Health System will utilize its resources and people to ensure that its strategic priorities are met. 

Kinston Community Health system is committed at providing quality, sustainable, safe and affordable health care services to its communities. It works in partnership with other Kingston government departments, the US Governments and other agencies, private sector and consumers in order to develop proactive and collaborative solutions to meet the health needs of its people now and for the future generations.

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This plan will help in developing further reforms in the Kingston Community Health Care System that is set to meet any future challenges.

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