Based Structured Analysis

Desk clerk

He/she verifies identification of the new member and passes the details in the membership form to the Admin officer upon verification passage.

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The Admin Officer

Is in charged of processing the issuance of rental membership card based on th3e details received from the desk clerk and keeps record of members. Upon verification he authorizes the desk clerk to receive payment for registration for membership. Upon receiving membership card the customer is able to rent motor bike from the company though Admin has the powers to revoke membership.

LBSU insurer

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Each e-scooter has rental card containing telephone number for the LSBU insurer and they are obliged to contact the insurer in case of any accidents. The insurer takes care of any recovery, repair and replacement of e-scooter depending on the impending situation.

On-site Engineer

The engineer is in charged of visual inspection and guiding the desk clerk on whether to sign off the rental agreement. Also makes a report of the status of the scooter that evaluates the performance of the scooter with regard to customer handling.

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 The customer orders for scooter upon which the information is received and transformed to the unit that is in charged with renting to effect the transaction. Data of receipt processed to be received by the customer. After performing the transaction inventory file is updated to reflect to the present situation so is the same to files that keep records of the number of scooter that have been rented.  The updated files are later used to release report s to the management (Singh and Huhns, 2002).

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