Islands in the Stream

‘Islands in the Stream’ is a film based on Earnest Hemingway’s novel that describes Hemmingway’s personal life during the summer of 1940.The lead actor, Thomas Hudson has been married and consequently divorced on two occasions. He lives a solitary, relatively comfortable life on Bimini Island, Bahamas. Obviously, he has little regard for marriage or his earlier life partners. This is evidenced by the fact that he has absolutely no contact whatsoever with his former life partners or their children. Therefore, the film depicts that once a couple breaks up or divorces, individuals should go their separate ways and seek to re-establish their lives afresh. Nonetheless, a couple can rekindle their former relationship as illustrated during Claire Bloom’s (Hudson’s first wife) impromptu visit on the island.

During the summer, Hudson’s children from previous marriages (Tom, David, and Andrew) arrive on the island in order to spend time with him. Despite the fact that he has not seen them for four years, he feels that they are an intrusion to his rather quiet, comfortable life. He perceives them as constant reminders of women who no longer play a part in his life. Nonetheless, as the summer progresses, he becomes increasingly fond of them. As the summer ends, he does not want to part with them. He feels jealous that their mothers have the opportunity to watch them grow and play whereas he is not part of their lives at all.

Generally, the society perceives jealousy as an undesirable virtue. Some personal life experiences have undoubtedly driven me towards a position whereby I have developed an utter liking for something despite the fact that it may be beyond my reach or control. During such times, I feel jealous that some people have access to such an object whereas I do not. Nonetheless, my astute principles have always guided me from carrying out hideous acts out of jealousy.



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