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As they lay still on the floor, she could clearly feel her heart beating against her chest and onto the soft gray carpet. The room was dead silent and only a few vehicles could be heard hooting along the road a few meters away. Only a few drunkards and long distant vehicles supplying fresh products would be on transit at this time of the night anyway.  Outside, only a few crickets were still cricketing as if most of them had already surrendered to the morning cold and crawled back to their homes. The clock bell rang; it was three in the morning. 

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Suddenly the door knob turned and the door flew open. A tall masculine man stepped into the room. He wore large dusty boots and canvas sworn pair of trousers, his face was covered with a black woolen mask and he held a machete by his right hand. Looking down, he gave them a spiteful glare as if mocking them for their inferiority and their state of helplessness. Steadily he raised the machete towards her as if signaling a warning on what to expect if they tried any kind of disobedience to his unspoken commands. With his weapon still clutched in his hand he walked out of the room pulling the door behind him.

They had her father and that is what worried her even more. Her mother was still in shock and had not spoken a word since they took him. They stared at each other in utter silence, and suspense was building strongly around them. Earlier, her father had sworn he would not give them the loot and was ready to defend it with his life. That specifically worried her, her father would never give in and neither would they.

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All she wanted was an extra one hundred bucks for her school trip on Saturday. Now matters had become very complicated. None of it made sense anymore and all she wanted was her dad back safe and sound. Things had moved very fast and now it was too late to correct them. She shook her head with guilt and her conscience could no longer rest. Now she regrets walking out on them that morning. Surely what she had done was not worth it. Lying there on the floor she could not help asking herself why she had betrayed them, her own flesh and blood.

All these events were still very fresh in her mind and she remembered all of them very clearly. Standing there, she knew that she could not live in peace from then on. She regrets being so selfish and self centered that she betrayed her family. Soon she had to tell her mother that the robbery which cost her dear husbands life was all staged by her own daughter. Though she never meant to harm anyone and much less her dad, she could not run from the fact that she was solely to blame for everything.

From her hand a thin rope swung along with the currents of the wind. Its far end held tightly to the tree branch and the other wrapped around her neck. This is the path she had chosen to take. She could not live with herself anymore, not with all she had done. She knew her father had the money in their house and so she told her friends from the streets to come and rob him in order to teach him a lesson. But when her father refused to cooperate they lost their patience.

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Like all others who choose this path, her lifeless body was found dangling from a tree the next morning by the local police after searching the whole night. A suicide note also was found in her pocket the only way she was able to confront herself and reality. Her mother mourned their deaths in quiet wails, and the world eagerly awaits not knowing what else to expect.

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