History remembers the names, events, tragedies... The history of the great composers Mozart and Salieri was doomed to be filled with false versions. The film directed by Miloš Forman is one more representation of the legend.

Amadeus is a very dismal and at the same time a brilliant film about the relationships between the two famous composers. The film touches all sides of human relations - hate, debauchery, carelessness, jealousy, madness, lies, and even a little bit of mysticism. This movie provokes disgust and admiration, pity and contempt simultaneously.

At first glance, the key theme of the film is a confession. It is a life story told by Salieri, a story of jealousy, hatred and secret admiration for the genius of Mozart. The idea of the film is much deeper. It is in the mysterious spaces of the human soul and the divine origin of human talent. It is difficult to overestimate the cultural significance of this film. One cannot remain indifferent after viewing it. Foreman does not divide his characters into good and bad. The audience sympathizes equally with characters of Abraham and Hulce. A genius and a villain seem to have been born for each other. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best duets in cinema.

In the film, the era of the 18th century is surprisingly accurate and beautifully shown for the audience. The atmosphere of court life, stunning architecture and natural landscapes correspond exactly to the designated period.

Despite the fact that the atmosphere of the film is historically accurate, it is still very tense and dramatic. Miloš Forman creates one more brilliant psychological movie (the first is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), which is recognized as one of the best films of the '80s. No wonder, this film has won eight “Oscars”, including the award for best film and direction.

Two remarkable actors F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce played the two leading roles. F. Murray Abraham won Oscar for his depiction of the famous composer Salieri. Tom Hulce portrayed Mozart brilliantly, giving the image of genius some infantilism.

Speaking about portrait of Mozart it should be said, that he is ready to defend his perfect creations before the court and the whole world.

One of the best elements of the film is the sound. Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart both composed enthralling music. Nevertheless, Salieri must take paints in order to create something worth listening, whereas Mozart produces genuine masterpieces without exerting himself. Music assumes the role of the divine gift in the film. The famous classical music of Mozart and Salieri fill the film up. Forman shows a unique moment of composing music, transformation of simple melodies into the symphonies known all over the world. Obviously, the film gives not only an aesthetic pleasure and a subtle philosophy, but it is also instructive. The spectator remembers all known works of prominent composers and comes to know the story of their creation.

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Mozart is a very irresponsible person in everyday life, but he becomes incredibly organized, when someone criticize his works. This little zany and giddy scapegrace might be extremely serious when the theater director tells him to rewrite the opera. Mozart believes that he cannot change any note of divine melody. Perhaps, that is the reason why Mozart became elected by fate.

The scene where Salieri writes under the Mozart's dictation “The Requiem” is mystical and symbolic. It is noteworthy that Salieri did not reject Mozart's music. Salieri loves it but he hates the one who created it. .

In accordance with Forman, Mozart is absolutely free man, but his freedom is not a revolt against society. As well as birds in the sky, he does not know that freedom can be unattainable.

In the surrounding society, Mozart is the only non-conformist with all terrible consequences. Salieri is a very controversial character. All he had to do was to perceive and appreciate the harmony of the music sphere, which was given to him by God. Salieri did not realize that the sweetest and painful poison for him was not magic and perfect music of Mozart, but his own pride, vanity and greed for gifts of fate.

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Both Salieri and Mozart are victims and executioners at the same time.

Amadeus is not just the black and white film; it reveals a rich palette of colors. There is drama, tragedy in it. It is full of beautiful irony, love, hate, grace and rudeness.

In conclusion, it should be said, that the film Amadeus leaves a lot of open questions. What is the nature of genius? Whether it is a random combination of genes or a reward for hard work? Is this a happy coincidence or a special creative state of mind? Perhaps the nature of genius is a light-emitting gift from heaven, or it is anguish which burns the soul? If the genius is a gift, what kind of person should bear this divine spark? Why do some people enjoy the gift of absolute beauty, while others, despite hard working cannot get it? Could it be an intuitive insight or a fleeting touch of escaping horizon of human possibilities? Where is the creativity of human ends, and where does the magic of the higher powers begin? What is the reason that will reveal the bud of divine inspiration inside the person? According to Miloš Forman, the audience must answer these questions itself.

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Amadeus is a very intense movie. It is a beautiful and sad story. Undoubtedly, this film worthwhile viewing, it allows to touch something incomprehensible and eternal.

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