Dark Knight Film Review

Like any other high-quality movie Dark Knight brought a lot of reviews, the most of them are positive. Movie critics praise the film for excellent direction, quality soundtracks, and undoubtedly, an impressive acting.

The first criterion, which is used to evaluate the quality of the Dark Knight, is a skill of Chris Nolan.

All the reviews agree with the fact that Christopher Nolan has done a great job. As always, he had a mixture of maximum while respecting the measure and not sinking into confusion. There is something for any cinemagoer in this movie.

If the cinemagoer wants to see the stylish calibrated images or complex plot, he gets it. In addition, there is ambiguous run-out without notorious happy ending.

The cast is one of the strengths of this film. No one can imagine other actors in the roles of Batman and the Joker. The role of Joker was the best in life of Heat Ledger. There is so much energy, charisma, and charm in this psychopathic maniac. Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, and Christian Bale are, perhaps, the best cast which one would imagine.

Then, critics evaluate specifications of the movie. The film was done at the highest technical level. There were many special effects, complicated tricks, great chase scenes, fights, and robberies.

Another criterion for evaluation the film is its music. The best composers of Hollywood worked on this aspect of the film. There are a lot of amazing soundtracks composed by these artists. James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer supported the intensity of emotions that the cinemagoer is feeling.

These reviews open the whole world of the film Dark Knight without viewing it. When one reads a quality review of the film, the desire to see it as soon as possible appears. Cinemagoer wants to make up his own mind about it. These critiques give only a hint that Dark Knight cannot be described in one review. The inexhaustible and moral ground for the personal and the universal thought proves that it is a masterpiece.



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