Business Plan-Competitive Analysis

Klean is an environmental friendly company whose strategic plan is to become a single point of contact for all commercial property needs in Bloomington. The company’s initial investment is $100,000 which is deemed to start off most of the operations effectively. Klean encourages sustainability through strict recycling practices, and contributes to the overall beautification of businesses through the daily cleanup of storefronts. Our main services are targets as many business premises as possible and they essentially entail changing trashcans and bins as well as removing trash from the properties, daily or weekly, creating a cleaner, safer and more presentable environment for their businesses. Klean has trained employees who are able to identify public liabilities on properties and formulate a solution whether that be quoting the specific hazard or informing their manager with pictures and descriptions in order to contract the work out to affiliated contractors. Klean looks forward to offer its clients the option to add new services to their contract such as window cleaning, snow & ice removal, grounds keeping, power washing storefront sidewalks, among many, at a fraction of the cost a specialized company would charge.

This company seeks to grow organically and stress the quality of work for its current accounts irrespective of our competitors. In the Bloomington area is Enviroclean, who clean residential properties, Evergreen Clean Homes who are mainly engaged in cutting, pruning, and general maintenance of gardens as well as Blooming Homes whose services include home cleaning for apartments or condominiums, houses, and offices (McKeever 77). Aware of our competitors, we are however; not deterred to enter the market and sell our services and make profits at minimum cost. This analysis seeks to unveil the potentials of our competitors as well as help the company to design strategies that will give our company a competitive edge in the market.

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Our main competitor is the Bloom Company, which commenced its services in early 2007 with a total number of 10 employees. The main activity carried out by this company includes home cleaning for apartments or condominiums, houses, and offices. Since its venture in the market, the company has been able to capture a wide area of the market and their services are selling too first due to increasing number of gardens in different homes and estates within Bloomington. Their total volume of business activity as at the end of December 2012 showed a number of 150 employees with an average sale of $ 250,000 a year.

The company has a clean record of services with a well establishes management, a strong financial base that ensure their successful operations, employees are well motivated with numerous incentives and enjoy what they engage in, their marketing strategies are well established and have since created a good business image to the people of Bloomington. Their widespread activities and services have managed to rally a strong support from the public and enjoys a monopoly type of business with minimum competition. This has given them a better chance to sell their services profitably and maintain the loyalty of their clients.

Despite the strengths of this company, they still have their weaknesses which have prompted us to venture the market and offer competitive but better services which the people of Bloomington will consider more appealing. The research that we conducted revealed that indeed, Bloom Company they do not train their employees hence, some challenging work may put their services in jeopardy and easily lose their customers. The company has no close relationship with other organizations and operates independently. We believe that our close relationship with Buildings and Ground Company which is a similar venture in Indianapolis in agreement to engage in a trade of free labor in exchange for territories to train on will help improve our contacts and grow our business.

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Another potential competitor is the Enviroclean Company whose services are more or less the same to our line of services offered within Bloomington. They began selling their services in 2002 up to date. The whole business started with a single idea form Alex Moore- a high school leaver who sold the idea to a local business man called Anthony who acted as the managing director and an accountant together with 3 more employees and a truck driver and a float of $ 2500 in their account. At the beginning, the business was very viable as more and more institutions hired the company making the company gain popularity all over Bloomington. Their total volume of business activities operate with over 200 employees and manage to sell their services to over 10 contractors a week.

Enviroclen mainly engages in the collection and disposal of already used sanitary pads,napkins, towels, and menstrual pads from high schools, colleges and homes. Since its existence, the company has managed to command almost the whole market and have enjoyed the monopoly way too long. The strong financial base that has existed since its start has always contributed to the success of this business and higher pays attracts more employees with passion and they carry out extensive advertisement in the media and call for more contractors to consider their services. This as a result has helped them capture almost the whole market and this continues to expand its operations to even neighboring counties.

However, these services does not offer an overall solution for proper disposal of trash to create a more clean environment to their clients since the Enviroclean Company only deals with the collecting of used women sanitary products, they also do not replace the cans even though old and do not consider the possibility of expanding their services any soon. The company has a poor relation with other companies and organization and operates independently without considering the role that they can play in the success of the business. Therefore, we are motivated by these weaknesses and so believe that we can use these weaknesses of our competitor to capture a wide range of the market, we hope to provide better services with a wide variety of options for our clients offering an all-round solution to our clients.

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Our business has a greater chance of survival in the market due to its diversified services to meet different needs of our clients. The fact that we will be able to replace trashcans with new and clean ones offers us an opportunity to be identified easily, we shall be making more and rigorous advertisements and making more contacts with other business organizations will also give us a more competitive edge over our competitors (DeThomas and Derammelaere 49). Proper disposal of waste and offering our clients with additional services such as window cleaning, snow & ice removal, grounds keeping, power washing storefront sidewalks, among many, at a fraction of the cost a specialized company would charge will also market our existence in the market and sell our services faster.

We look forward to encourage solid marketing strategies that are very critical for a long-term success of our business. Making sure that all our company materials are well organized accordingly and that our employees are well trained and equipped with relevant knowledge in the field of work. We shall carry out aggressive advertisements, create a well designed company logo, website and blogs so as to reach as many clients as possible. Our employees will always be trained routinely and supplied with relevant materials and information to be made aware of new and emerging issue in their line of work. The management will always endeavor to motivate its employees through incentives and remunerations to encourage competition among the employees within the company.

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