Analyzing a New Technology


This paper explores the importance of new technologies in our life. Every day we have deal with electronic devices, multimedia and computers. Especially the Internet is becoming more and more important for everybody. This paper examines some good and bad aspects of how Internet influences us and what impacts it has on our social behavior.

Keywords: new technologies, Internet

Analyzing a New Technology.

Internet as the Most Important Invention

A Review of the Literature

Our modern society is very different to the one that existed in the last century. We could not imagine our life without new technologies, which play important role in it. Everything we do at the home, at the collage or at the work is connected with some technology. Life becomes easier than it was many years ago.

In our information society the leading positions have those technologies that are connected with the information. Especially the Internet has become the most important invention for nearly everybody.

To research the topic of the paper there are the following questions to consider:

  1. The importance of the Internet in our modern society
  2. The negative aspects of  using the Internet

The importance of the Internet in our modern society

Internet technologies have penetrated into all spheres of our life. The main branches where Internet contributed the most are the business, the education and the communication.

Business has become more reliable and challenging. The on-line systems and databases help to do things faster.  Companies used to have own web-sites, which is also the good advertising for the wide range of consumers of the goods and services. You can book flights, organize the meeting or conference, make different orders staying at home and your business will blossom. You can withdraw your money in any time using the ATM technology. It is the economy of your time that is so valuable in business.

Talking about education, it is important to say that internet technology contributed in this sphere the most. The notebooks and blackboards have been replaced by the laptops, classrooms with 3D images, projectors, PowerPoint presentations. Internet is the ocean of knowledge.

Computer education covered the whole world. Distance learning becomes more and more popular today, so people can get an education without leaving home.

The way we communicate today is one of the most important achievements of the modern technologies. People can contact friends and relative at any time, no matter where they are and what they are doing. To send letters become amazingly faster thanks to the e-mail.

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Thanks to the popular websites like Facebook and Twitter the concept of social media marketing was developed. Today Facebook has nearly 845 million active users. The company made over 1$ billion in 2011. (2012)

The negative aspects of using the Internet

Besides the great contribution of the Internet to our society and personal life, there are some negative aspects of using this modern technology.

All children and students are becoming addicted to the Internet. They spend more and more time there not just studying and preparing their homework, but also playing computer games or surfing the net without any reasons. A lot of children can easy find some pornography materials that destroy the idea of their childhood.

People become lazy and non-social, because of using the Internet. They can lose the social interactions and real communication. It is not necessary to go to the shop to buy some food or goods, or to go to the railway station to book the tickets when you can do this at home. Internet also takes people away from spending time with family and friends.

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Michael A. Weinstein, professor of Political Science at Purdue University 13 years ago  said that  Internet users will “lose the savvy and skills and patience to conduct social relations in the corporeal world,” and that the Internet "will intensify the negative effect television has already had on our social skills" (1999)


Internet has become an integral part of our lives and made a great contribution to all spheres of society. Business, education, medicine, communication are developing faster and more qualitatively thanks to the Internet. On the other hand, people are becoming addicted to Internet and they are losing their social interactions. So, we should use Internet with some cautions to prevent any negative effects.



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