International Relations Analysis

The term paper “International Relations” analyzes the influence of the states’ past experiences on the nature of contemporary international political system. The history of each nation has always had many common features with other states: wars, collaboration, conflicts, mutual projects and failures have either strengthened the relations of countries or made them go far apart from each other.

The French Revolution opened the eyes to the whole Europe that life can be organized in a different way. People not only deserve, but have a common right to dictate the way their nations would develop, where and what their children will study, which religion they will have, if any, and which clothes they will prefer to wear. The revolution opened eyes on democracy to Europe, and the Europeans made the world hear about it.

Nowadays, looking far back to the times which are long gone, we see a completely new picture of the world: People have erased all possible borders that have ever existed among different states; they no more look to their country’s government when they are not pleased with the quality of the national products, because they know that due to the international trade they can go to the supermarket and buy practically the same item but from the other country.

Nonetheless, history gives everyone a great deal of understanding of the modern society. It shows how fatal certain decisions can be and how profitable can be others. The past of all nations teaches them about the importance of careful and honest attitude while establishing close ties of mutual work. Without the past, there would be no present and future. The lesson is carried through centuries of blood shedding and times of prosperity, and it is in humans’ competence whether to accept it or reject.



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