Washington D.C Cost of Living on Low Income

Washington D.C cost of Living on Low Income



Housing: What is the price ranges for rented accommodations (per month)? Is heat included?


Studio/efficiency apartment: $550 to $750

One-bedroom apartment:  $550 to $719

Two-bedroom apartment: $735 to $1015

Three-bedroom apartment:  $812 to $1175




Utilities: Estimate the average monthly charges for a one-bedroom apartment for:


Phone: $20

Power: $20

Heat: $ 20

Cable: __$15_________________________________________________________________________________

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Other: __________$25_____________________________(specify)_Internet_______________________



Food: Estimate the costs to feed an adult (20-25) for a month. Estimate the monthly costs to feed a child younger than six years old. What about a teenager?


Adult: _$337______________________________________________________________

Child: __$250_____________________________________________________________________

Teen: ____$400_________________________________________________________________



Household supplies: What do you estimate the average adult spends per month on household supplies, such as cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, and so on?


Household supplies: __$150_______________________________________________________________________





Personal care: What do you estimate an adult spends on average per month, on items related to grooming and hygiene? (Examples are soap, toothpaste, laundry, haircuts, and so on.)


Personal care: ______$230__________________________________________________________________________


Clothing: Averaging over a 12-month period, what do you estimate an adult spends per month on clothing and footwear? What would it cost per month to adequately clothe a child younger than six years old? What about a teenager?


Adult (working): ______325_________________________________________________

Adult (unemployed/student): ___$270_________________________________________

Child: ______$200____________________________________________________________

Teen: __$300__________________________________________________________________



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Transportation: Assuming that people need to get around the city, what would the average monthly costs be for an adult, for a child, and for a teen?



-          Adult: $237_____________________________________________________________

-          Child: $50_____________________________________________________________

-          Teen: $200_________________________________________________               _


Car (costs per month, including gas, repairs, insurance, parking, and so on): _________________$250________________________________________________________________________


Other transportation: __$95_____________________________________________________________________



Other daily living costs: What other monthly costs do you think are reasonable? Consider recreation, entertainment, reading material, dining out, presents, postage, indulgences, and so on.


Item                                                                                      Cost per month

Entertainment__________________________________________              $50

Reading material________________________________________              $20

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Dining out_________________________________________________            $25

                                                                                                           Presents____________________________________________                        $80

Postage_________________________________________________                  $15    

Indulgence_______________________________________________               $250


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