The Protection of the Digital World

The problem of mobile and computer hacking is an urgent theme of nowadays. There are two strategies, introduced by the McAfee. The first one implies the protection of computers, Smartphone and tablets and the second one implies the mobile security for business (McAfee official web-site, 2011).

The key outcomes of the first solution imply protection of customers’ devices from the unauthorized access to their personal information and to the details of bank accounts. The likely outcome of this solution is protection of the clients’ digital world both in the light of personal data and financial safety. Such value as the privacy is to be protected by such solution and at the same time, the system requires monthly payments, which are charged from the personal account (Miller, 2011).

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The second solution is protection of the business and its digital information. Such a solution it to protect the commercial secrecy, the secrecy of bank accounts deposits and also it prevents the illegal access to the information, which may be applied by the competitors and be used as the tool of the unfair competition. The expected outcome of such strategy is enabling safe running business and being protected from the illegal access to its key information, which is mainly stored in the digital form (Federal business opportunities, 2011).

The key value of such approach towards the information protection is providing the client with the guarantee of the data safety, due to the fact that the nowadays digital world is full of cheating (hacking), which is hard to prevent and to punish; the information is the key property of the 21-st century. That is why ion both strategies there is the key purpose - protection of the digital world from an unauthorized access to the private or secret and as the result of such access- form the fraud.

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