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Order now has developed a team of highly qualified and experienced writers to be of the best possible help for customers. All of our writers are either university graduates or post graduates in different fields of study with amazing academic performance. We take up all kinds of writing including custom essays, research papers and term papers on several subjects such as marketing, management, globalization, medicine, law, philosophy, sociology, literature, history, politics, religion, science, technology, ecology, psychology, cinematography and many other subjects to precisely meet your requirements. Our writers will surely do their best, to write a research paper exactly to your demands by using up-to-date sources, proper style and following all your given or defined guidelines. We use anti-plagiarism software to make sure that every custom essay, term paper, report or any other assignment is unique. If our researchers accept your complicated assignments you can be sure they are absolutely aware of what it takes to do their job.


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One of Our First Authors Shares Her Experience

I decided to become a writer many years ago when I got my degree in English. 

Interviewer: For how many years have you been writing for
Samantha: I have been working for since the year it was founded.

I: Why did you choose to become a writer?
S: I decided to become a writer many years ago when I got my degree in English. Then I also got my Diploma in Mass Communication. This is how my interest became my profession and now I completely enjoy it.

I: What are the qualities that have made you a good writer?
S: I want to write wonderful papers whatever the work or project I am involved in. My work is precise, I am always punctual. I am attentive to details, which is really important.

I: You have also worked with other custom essay writing services before you came to us. What difference do you see between our company and the others?
S: Well, the best thing about your company is a narrow specialization. Each author gets essays on the subjects he/she has chosen while applying for this work. Besides this, I can always reject the work I am not fully proficient in. Therefore, the essay will be given to the writer, more experienced in the topic chosen.

I: You have chosen to become a writer instead of a teacher... What is the reason behind this career move?
S: Actually, the change was not a shock for people who knew me. I always wished to have an opportunity to write. Such a career change gave me an excellent chance – to combine my hobby and professional activity.

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Here Is a Part of an Interview with Another Our Writer – Robert

Interviewer: Do you think producing custom writing pieces is a difficult task?
Tom: I am an enthusiastic writer who enjoys the writing process. You can be sure that the final result will be  perfect, outstanding work with accurate stylistic nuances. Sure, it is not the easiest job  but I like it.

I: As you are an experienced writer, would you provide us with some secrets of good writing?
T: It is important to be familiar with the subject prior to starting the writing. I do detailed research before I start my writing work.

I: Do you really think that by getting ready essays, students lose some part of their knowledge?
T: No, I do not agree with this. I would not be a part of this writing service if I had even the smallest hesitations regarding this moral issue. I believe that by getting perfectly written custom paper and thoroughly selected material, a student is bound to broaden their knowledge and deep understanding of the subject. Moreover, it will also save customer's time and give more opportunities for studying and investigating.

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