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A memo, a shortened version of the word memorandum, is considered an important communication tool in the business area. This means of passing on information from one department of an enterprise to another is very convenient, as it can briefly describe the matter in question without making the communication pointless. This is what you should be focused on, i.e. clarity and brevity, when producing such a piece of writing. Keep in mind that a note of such a nature has to be coherent, informative, and pertinent.

Before you start preparing your writing project, you should identify the audience you are addressing. You have to be aware of their responsibilities, duties, and understanding of the issue you are going to discuss in your letter.


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If you know exactly who you intend to send your memo to, you will understand the extent to which they are conversant with the subject. Once you are done with this point, it will be easier for you to handle your assignment. Mind that such a business message should not include any pointless or inappropriate information.

Writing a good memo means not only creating quality content but also making a clear format. Therefore, when preparing your piece of writing, remember to stick to the following mode of organizations





Dealing with Memo Contents

When writing a memo, be specific. Avoid providing the material that is out of topic. Construct simple sentences and do not use ambiguous words or jargons. In the course of preparing such a document, it is of immense importance to mind the rank of the person you are writing to. Perhaps the recipient occupies the position which is higher than yours. In order not to get into trouble, it is worth using a formal tone whoever you are addressing.

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If you want to make your memos comprehensible and easy to follow, you can use the lists with numbers or bullet points. Still, try not to make an excessive use of such lists. For example, a list including less than three points should not be used at all (here, it does not go about the lists describing alternatives). At the same time, lists comprising too many items should not be included in the paper as well. In order to make the lists useful and less elaborate, try to eliminate the number of points you have intended to include in each of them.

When dealing with recommendation letters, ensure you are competent enough to make any suggestions. Give compelling reasons, try to foresee the questions that can be posed by readers and provide the information they are expecting to get.

Finally, you need to provide readers with all pieces of information about the subject whether they are positive or negative. Do not think that the recipients will not read your memoranda because of some data of the negative character. Truthfulness and objectivity always come together!

Memoranda are usually used to:

  • Inform readers about the changes in the company policy
  • Give details about the approaching conferences
  • Provide supervisors with the details about the launched projects
  • Request employees for some information
  • Inform managers about the planned events
  • Supply summaries about the meetings for those who missed them
  • Encourage employees to take part in different activities

One may say, “Why use memoranda if there are emails?” Memoranda can be written in a more formal tone than emails which is essential in particular situations. Besides, since users always receive a huge number of unnecessary emails, the chances are higher that memoranda will catch their attention.

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In order to reach the established goals, one has to be fully aware of the peculiarities of written communication. However, today, it can be hard to write memos or other types of notes. If you need to prepare some memoranda or other papers, contact us without hesitation.

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Whatever your assignment is, our team of accomplished specialists is here for you. We can write the memo of top quality in any area. Our experienced staff will help you complete your business projects successfully and achieve your long-term goals. Do not delay accessing!


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