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Are you afraid that you might accidentally get plagiarized content from the chosen online company? Do you know how it can affect your academic performance? You should know that many companies providing custom writing services only rewrite old articles, essays, term papers and other academic works, which cannot be termed as completely authentic. If you submit such articles and essays to your college or university, you may even be charged with plagiarism. Thus, what to do not to get caught in a trap? You just need to find a trustworthy company that provides quality services using which you will get nothing but exclusive written material. Such an agency is definitely! We offer absolutely original custom essays which are written manually by our highly qualified writers. Besides, each of our papers is scanned by a modern plagiarism detection program.

Explaining What Plagiarism Is?

Plagiarizing means stealing one’s ideas, thoughts and writing projects in general. Why stealing? Because when one plagiarizes, they do not give a proper credit to the author whose ideas they include in their own papers. Copying one’s papers is unacceptable, especially when it goes about the academic setting. If you copy and paste information from the projects of others into your own piece of writing, you shouldn’t expect that your assignment will be accepted by your professor. Keep reading and you will find out why it is essential to find duplicate content in your completed papers and what consequences it may have if you ignore this step.


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Use Content Detection Tools to Avoid Negative Consequences

Plagiarism cannot be left unnoticed. This is the issue that causes considerable problems for students and everyone who deals with written material. Are wondering what copy-pasted content may exactly lead to? Let’s discuss the matter in greater detail to make everything clear. Have a look at the following list:

  • Low grades. When submitting plagiarized papers, one may get an unsatisfactory grade, and this is the least of the problems one may face.
  • Suspension from an educational establishment. It sounds more serious than the previous point. Not a single student wants to be suspended from their educational establishments.
  • Expulsion from school. This consequence is more than unpleasant. Returning to an educational establishment after being expelled is rather difficult.
  • Bad reputation. If you copy and paste information from someone else’s works and use it in your own paper, be sure your reputation will be destroyed.
  • Fitting punishment. This thing is unavoidable. For submitting a plagiarized writing project, you may need to spend a set number of hours doing some kind of social activities on a voluntary basis or something like that.

Regardless of the kind of consequence, the fact of facing it is rather unpleasant. Thus, why take such risk if there is a much better and safer option? Order your assignment on our website to ease your worries! We never deliver plagiarized articles or any other type of written content. With us, you will no longer need to search for a credible plagiarism checker online to check plagiarism in your works.

Why It Is Important to Use a Good Online Plagiarism Checker

In today’s era of well-developed web technologies, when everyone can find any information about anything and use it for their own purpose, opting to use some kind of plagiarism tool is a common thing. Actually, it is worth saying that using content detection tools is a must. Why is it so? Because the instruments designed to find duplicate content can save one from troubles. Let’s discuss exact cases of plagiarism detection programs use:

  • Professors and teachers use the programs designed to find plagiarism to check students’ ability to create authentic papers. A powerful online plagiarism checker can quickly find duplicate content in the text being scanned.
  • Students usually look for a great plagiarism checker online to test their papers before submission. They know that plagiarized papers don’t work out.
  • A good plagiarism tool application is used to identify the nature of copy-pasted material. Some of the detected cases may not be regarded as plagiarism at all. Here, it goes about terms, statistics, the facts of common knowledge, etc.
  • Plagiarism checkers are helpful in detecting improperly cited sources. This is one’s chance to introduce the required corrections and avoid major problems.
  • A modern online plagiarism checker based on innovative algorithms cannot only find plagiarism but also detect the readability score what is particularly important for the SEO area.

Whether it goes about teachers, students, journalists, copywriters, SEO writers, or anyone else who deals with content preparation, it is essential to use a worthy application to find plagiarism in the produced texts. And this is exactly what we do at We do not tolerate any kind of plagiarism, copy/paste or paraphrasing. We do not rewrite old articles or essays but rather ask our highly qualified writers to write essays on their own using their own skill set. Moreover, we have an in-house plagiarism detection tool that checks works all over the Internet to find any similarities with the paper being tested. We do not use the plagiarism detection tools offered by any third parties since they may be outdated which can compromise the originality of the produced articles. So, if you are in need of a top-notch piece of writing based on exclusive ideas and don’t know where or how to find an up-to-date plagiarism checker online, you are welcome to us.

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Can a Plagiarism Tool Show Wrong Results?

If it is an unreliable scanner, then the answer to this question is positive. Outdated checkers that are based on outmoded algorithms may fail to find plagiarism in the scanned texts. They may miss some elements what, as a result, may lead to a total disaster for the one whom the scanned work belongs to. Of course, sometimes, some bags may occur even in decent plagiarism detection applications. However, reputable companies who run specific software to find plagiarism in written material regularly monitor the way it works. For example, we at always make sure that our scanner works appropriately.

Can the Scanning Results Provided by Plagiarism Detection Programs Be Considered Accurate?

The way plagiarism detection instruments work depends on the mechanisms, formulas, and codes they are based on. If the agency that uses a specific plagiarism tool neglects its work, doesn’t pay attention to some kinds of glitches, etc., then the results of the scanning process may be inaccurate. We, at, are very thorough concerning the programs we use in our work since we understand that the final outcome, which is delivered to our customers, impacts their grades and reputation in general. For this reason, we constantly check how our scanner works and regularly make the necessary updates to ensure its credibility and reliability. We can guarantee 99% accuracy of the similarity results. So, when you order papers from us, you can rest assured that the delivered project will be definitely unique. We check plagiarism carefully since we understand its consequences.

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Qualities of Our Checker or Why We Are Sure about the Scanning Results

When we check plagiarism in the papers produced by our writers, we are absolutely confident about the percentage that appears on the screen after the checking process is over. Moreover, we are certain that the procedure will be completed quickly. What makes us so confident about that? The core characteristics of our checker which are  the following:

Quick Scanning

Our checker allows us to find plagiarism in the scanned texts quickly. It takes only a few minutes to scan the file and detect the percentage of copied material if any.

Extensive Search

To find duplicate content in the examined texts, our software checks numerous sources available on the Net. This ensures a thorough check and correct results.

Different Formats Accepted

Here, we mean the way we insert texts in our checker. We can either copy and paste information into a special window or upload the needed file.

Data Security

When you turn to us for assistance with paper writing, you shouldn’t have any worries about the confidentiality matter. Even when we test our files to find plagiarism, we make sure that customers’ privacy is not violated.

From now on, you no longer need to look for a plagiarism checker online and worry about the accuracy of the scanning results. All you need to do is delegate your assignment to our team. Owing to our up-to-date checker, we can quickly find plagiarism in any type of content and provide you with an exclusive work.

Wondering How the Process Goes?

Once the essays, term papers or any other writing projects ordered by our customers are written, they go directly to the automatic tool to check plagiarism. After that, we examine the scanning results. If everything is ok, the paper goes to a customer. If not, we check every single match detected by our scanner. In case some instances (if they are valid) require corrections, we make them. Our experts check each and every article to ensure you get completely original pieces of writing. Note that you can always order a plagiarism report from us if you need valid proof of the authenticity of your writing project. is a reputable online company which you can rely on to handle your assignments efficiently. So, do not waste your time! Contact us for help today!

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