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  • +I fail to submit the order form. The page ceased updating.

    The problem may consist in the size of the files you uploaded. If the attachment extends our limitations, then you cannot submit a form. Larger files can be sent to our official email or our customer support agents.

  • +I have chosen the incorrect deadline/scholarly level/type of assignment/paper length. Is it possible to edit my order details?

    It is technically possible, but you cannot do it on your own after you already submitted your instructions. The order form can be edited only by our team.

    In accordance with the changed paper requirements, the paper cost will also be modified and you will need to pay the price difference.

  • +How more pages can be added to the previously placed order?

    Simply create a supplementary order. This option can be found in the “My orders” section. Additionally, you may contact our Customer Care team for help with correcting the number of pages.

  • +When will my order be assigned to the well-matched expert?

    When your order is assigned to the writer, you will be able to find their ID in your profile in the "Writer" field.

  • +Can I request a preliminary draft of my essay?

    In deed. There is a possibility of including a 1-page draft to the order you placed. The draft will be ready in the middle of the writing process. Keep in mind: you have to pay extra for the draft.

  • +How can a revision be requested?

    Each client has an opportunity to ask for a free revision within 2 days after the final paper has been uploaded into the system. In case of orders exceeding 20 pages, the timeframe for free revision requests is extended to 30 days.

    Go to the order that needs to be revised, and you will see a subsequent field to post a revision request directly to your writer. The revision instructions should not contradict the initial requirements.

  • +Is it easy to change my personal details, such as a phone number/email/login and password?

    Yes, those details can be easily altered in your Profile. You need to be logged in to be able to edit your account. Please do not forget to save all the changes.

  • +Do you swiftly find the most suitable writer?

    We are doing our best to assign the most competent expert in your sphere. However, not all suitable writers are available when completing other orders. The selection process might take some time, but never longer than a few hours.

  • +What should be done if I missed an opportunity to ask for a revision and a free revision period has expired?

    Sending a late revision request demands a small fee. The process resembles placing a different order. Just remember to choose "Revision" as the order type.

  • +How does communication with my writer take place?

    Please contact your assigned specialist using our messaging system every registered user has access to. Urgent issues can be handled by calling our Support Team.

  • +Where do I download my essay from?

    It can be downloaded from your personal account. Visit the “Orders” section in your profile and choose the “Files” field .In any case, you will always receive a notification email upon the completion of your order. It will contain your essay’s link.

  • +Can your expert assist in passing academic tests?

    Yes, we can select our academic expert to immerse in your exam preparation. To order this specific service, choose the "Online test" assignment type. Keep in mind that it is not a simple writing task; you need to provide necessary materials for our specialist to study them. Do not miss any literary sources and lecture files that need to be memorized for the test. Please specify the date, time, and the exam duration in your order instructions. Indicating your time zone is also vital. Login details to your student platform should be necessarily provided. Subsequently, the prospective examinant learns the material, logs into your Model or other learning platform, and passes the exam.

  • +Do you work with web-developing assignments?

    No, our focus is on writing services. We do not have expertise in generating coding, app development or programming assignments.

  • +How notifications are sent?

    Each customer receives automatic emails when their order status is altered or profile details are changed. There may be additional SMS notifications of various updates. We can also call our customers in case of urgency.

  • +How to observe the reception and completion of my order?

    The order details can be found in your profile. If there is still the "Payment Verification" status, it implies you have not paid for the order (only in rare cases, it may refer to a technical error). Proceed with payment by cliсking the "Pay Now" button. Sending us the payment receipt is also appreciated.The "Processing" status means your order has been already assigned to the writer, so the writing process has begun. The "Sent/Completed" status identifies the final stage – and you can download the final project now.

  • +When should I expect to receive my completed order?

    We always complete orders within the set deadline.

  • +Why cannot I place my order?

    If some error occurred during the order placement, please check whether you filled all the necessary fields. If everything is correct, the problem might be concealed in too large attachments. In this case, you should delete all the attachments and send us an email where you can add the material for the ensuing investigation. Write your order ID in the email’s title, and our Customer Care will respond instantly.

  • +Where do you upload the finished paper?

    After the writer completes your order, it is uploaded into our system, simultaneously emerging in your profile. Find your paper’s ID in the "Processing/Completed orders" section, where you can review it.

  • +I have payment issues. How can I eradicate this problem?

    Our payment system is automatic, and whenever you experience payment issues, please attempt to use a different credit/debit card or choose a more suitable means of payment. This might be a mistake of your browser or device, so we suggest that you try an alternative one. In case of further inconsistences, please contact our Customer Care.

  • +Can I get my paper earlier if my assigned Writer copes with it long before the deadline?

    Although we never upload orders at the last minute, there are reasons to adhere to your exact deadline. If you choose an urgent order, then the price is higher. If the deadline is not pressing, then your order costs less. It is directly interrelated with the salary we provide for our Writers and Editors. If you suddenly want your paper to be done quicker, then you have to pay an extra fee.

  • +Do you attach the completed papers to the emails that notify about the stage of the order completion?

    The projects, upon their completion, are attached only to your personal account. Emails with notifications of your final paper do not contain any attachments. However, we include a link that leads you to the uploaded composition.

  • +Will the order price differ if I select the preferred Writer with the supreme level of writing?

    If your order is sophisticated and demands the highest writing level, it will be assigned to one of our 30 professionals from the “Advanced Writers” category. Only a supreme specialist in the required field will be responsible for your paper. Indeed, the pricing for the cooperation with a preferred writer differs, but remains affordable. You might have the exact preferred Writer in mind if you were satisfied with the completion of your previous orders by this very person. You can request your preferred expert and we will do our best to assign the writer to your order. The bonus of premium cooperation is a plagiarism report.

  • +Is it necessary to provide my phone number?

    If you decide not to disclose your private phone number, we will still be able to get in touch with you via different means of communication. Yet, you must realize that having your phone number can save the situation in case of certain urgent clarifications.

  • +Will my personal information be kept secure?

    Of course, as the strict confidentiality policy is one of our priorities. Your private details will never be disclosed to any third parties. Even your assigned writer may not know your real name or gender unless you want to share it personally.

  • +How many revisions can I request during the period set for free revisions?

    There is a possibility of requesting multiple revisions within this period.

  • +How can you guarantee that my order will be plagiarism-free?

    Providing an original paper of supreme quality is our major duty. We check every order using an advanced plagiarism-scanning tool before uploading the final version of the paper.

  • +Who will be responsible for my customized composition?

    There is a variety of experienced writers on our team. Our Writing Department assigns a specialist who is competent enough to work with the required academic level and discipline.

  • +How to request services of a professional editor?

    Although every paper is proofread, you can include the “VIP Proofreader” option in your order. Select the proofreading option in our “VIP Services” section. One of our Top Editors will immerse in the essay after your Writer completes it.

  • +How do I track the writing progress of my order?

    The status of your order can be manually checked in your profile. If you initially paid without trouble, then your order is labeled as “New”. The moment a writer is assigned to the order and receives the paper details, the label will be changed to “Processing”. When your individual expert uploads the final paper into our system, you will see "Sent" as the final order status.

    If you want to be informed on the order status alterations instantly, you can request SMS notifications as part of our VIP service. The main advantage is that you will be updated on the order progress even when your Cellular Data is switched off.

  • +I mistakenly specified the incorrect deadline. I need my paper to be done earlier. Is there a possibility to change the urgency?

    Yes, we can adjust the deadline according to your request. Our policy, however, requires minimal compensation if the order becomes urgent. Logically, a writer needs to work faster from this moment on, not breaching the rules of supreme quality. You will pay smaller fee if a shorter deadline is not significantly different from the initial one. However, if your primary deadline was 10 days, and now you need a completed order within two days, the price will be higher. In this case, you must compensate for the time difference of 8 days. Afterwards, we create an additional compensation order and send you the link for payment. Your deadline is altered the moment you pay for the urgency.

  • +Can I choose the writer who worked with my previous assignments? His/her writing style is similar to mine, but more refined. The order he/she accomplished for me earned an excellent grade. Is it possible to cooperate with this author on a permanent basis?

    Yes, you can choose the same writer for your next orders. Find the "Preferred Writer" section and add the ID of the intended specialist. Subsequently, all your orders will be sent to the declared author. However, you must keep in mind that we charge +15% in addition to the overall order price if you opt for the "Preferred Writer" service. It guarantees that your order will be prioritized.

  • +What are the main responsibilities of your team?

    We follow every process of the order placement very carefully. When the payment is verified, we consider the particularities of your instructions to find the most suitable writer. As our customer, you can address our Support Team being available around the clock. You will be updated on the changes with your order status, knowing when it is being written, edited, and checked for plagiarism. Such a scrupulous approach guarantees opportune delivery.

  • +Can your experts handle sophisticated academic projects?

    We have writers of different academic levels. There are specialists of High School and College writing, as well as experts holding Master and Ph.D.’s degrees. Contact us regarding the required level beforehand to make sure the suitable writer is available.

  • +How can I calculate the price for my paper?

    The price can be easily calculated on our website. It depends on the scope of your work.

  • +Why have I encountered a payment issue?

    If you paid for the order, but received the "authorization/payment" failure instead, try several options: switch to a different browser/transaction company/card or get in touch with your bank.

  • +I cannot proceed with the order, as the special form seems not to be loading.

    Frequently, the reason for such errors is the unacceptable file format or inappropriate size. Reload the page to fill in the order form without any files. You can send the required material directly to our Support email, and we will share it with your writer.

  • +I paid for your service, but the message says I still have to pay.

    Find an invoice sent to your email and forward it to our main email address. Sometimes, those messages go the "Spam" folder. If you cannot find the invoice anywhere, it is advisable to contact your bank. It is enough for our Financial Department to obtain a screenshot of your bank statement to track your payment. It rarely happens that the payment is not processed, but we should check all the possible sources.

  • +If I have doubts whether my assignment type can be handled by your experts, is it possible to ask about it beforehand?

    Of course. You can contact us with your inquiries via Live Chat or email. We will swiftly address the Writing Department, asking about the possibility of completing your specific order.

  • +Am I obliged to identify my real email or phone number?

    Valid contact details let us get in touch with you without problem, especially when urgent questions arise on our side regarding your paper guidelines.

  • +My order has to be refunded. How many days do I have to wait to receive compensation?

    The refund is usually processed within 3 to 5 business days. It mostly depends on the work hours of your bank.

  • +Can I contact my writer directly?

    Yes, our policy allows sending the messages to your writer using your profile or email. Do not hesitate to specify any clarifications or add more files. If your writer does not receive a message, our Support will forward it immediately.

  • +Where my final essay can be found?

    The steps to follow:

    "My orders" – "Completed orders" – "Order ID". You will see the final paper in the "Files" section. If you encounter any problems with downloading it, kindly contact our Customer Care.

  • +When will the final composition be ready?

    It will be uploaded to the system within the requested deadline. The precise time of your paper delivery is seen in the "Delivery" section. Go to "My orders", then "Processing orders", and “Order ID” to check the due date.

  • +Can the author of my order purchase the material to work with?

    No, we never purchase materials we should work with, as all the instructions along with files are uniquely provided by our customers.

  • +I fail to submit my order. I already filled in the instructionsa few times, but the fields remain empty. How to fix it?

    Please refresh the order page and do not attach any files (it can be a temporary issue). All the documents can be sent to our Live Chat or [email protected].

  • +My professor asked to add one more page to the essay. Should I pay for the additional page?

    Yes, the additional page is a paid option. Being logged in, click on "Additional Order" located next to your initial order. After the form is submitted, you will see an already familiar payment page. Those orders will be linked automatically.

  • +My deadline should be different. I specified the wrong one. How to correct it?

    We can change your due date if you compensate for it. Kindly get in touch with our Customer Support Team to inquire into the amount of the fees for the deadline alteration.

  • +I cannot find the required essay type on your list. What should I do?

    In case it remains a writing order, please send your paper guidelines to our Customer Support Team. We will help to select the alternative assignment type.

  • +Will my paper be devoid of plagiarism?

    Only experienced academic authors write your custom orders. They conduct genuine scholarly research, which is original in its core. However, to prevent any accidental similarities, we use advanced plagiarism-checking tools .One more beneficial option is that you have an opportunity to double-check the paper for authenticity using our innovative program PlagiarismSearch.

  • +Do you guarantee confidentiality?

    We cooperate directly with you and never reveal your details to the third parties. After the order is completed, your personal data is erased, so that no professor will ever find out that you addressed

  • +How can I be assured about timely delivery of complicated assignments?

    We guarantee timely completion of your project despite its complexity. Select the most suitable due date and try not to change it in the middle of the writing process.

  • +Are your prices flexible?

    The rates for different types of orders are steady, but our returning clients receive decent discounts. In certain cases, you can discuss the pricing details with our Customer Support Team. Each case is unique. There is also the first-time order discount, you can obtain right away!

  • +How can I discuss my inquires with my writer?

    You can contact your writer directly if your questions are related to the creative side of the order. The messaging system on our website is very convenient. Besides messaging, you can call our Support team using our toll-free numbers if your request cannot wait.

  • +There is some glitch in my order form. Is it a problem with your website?

    This issue is usually related to large files you attached. Please inquire regarding the acceptable sizes of the documents. If your order is extensive and requires an abundance of attached material, better share it via Google Drive with your writer or our Support agents.

  • +I have an urgent online test. Can I find an expert in my field to pass the exam for me? The option for such urgent online orders seems to be missing.

    Sometimes, we can assign a professional to pass your test without prior preparation, but we cannot promise to fulfill such requests all the time. The expert in your field might not be available. Always clarify whether this option is possible via our Live Chat.

  • +Can I receive bonus credits instead of a monetary refund? If yes, how can those bonuses be applied?

    If you want to transform your refund into bonus credits, contact our Customer Care or Financial Department (via email: [email protected]) regarding your request. As soon as the order is refunded, we will allocate bonuses for you. You can use your bonus to pay for the next order without making any transactions. You do not have to wait long for obtaining your bonus credits, as they will instantly appear on your account after the refund confirmation.

  • +When will I receive my completed paper?

    You specify the timeframe for the essay’s completion once you place your order. Our main rule is to adhere to the requested deadline. For instance, if your paper should be done in 3 days, it will be done within this timeframe. The finished paper is edited and uploaded into our system, becoming visible on your profile. We also send email notifications when the order is due. The alert means you can easily download the full-fledged research from your account.

  • +What to do if I cannot choose the assignment type on my own?

    If you are confused regarding the type of your order, always contact us to clarify these details to avoid ordering a wrong assignment option. Our experts will scrutinize your instructions and explicitly elucidate the next steps. Owing to our assistance, you will choose the most appropriate order type.

  • +How can you guarantee supreme quality? Can I expect an excellent grade?

    We guarantee impeccable quality of research and writing, as all the work is done by professionals, who have Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in the trendiest disciplines. We cannot guarantee the highest grade, as it depends on the subjective assessment made by your professor. Our quality is also reflected in an immense experience with academic writing. We have worked in the industry for many years, and success has proved to be our second name. If you are curious, you can read our Samples that show our knowledge and eloquence.

  • +Can I request an earlier completion of my order?

    If you send such a request not immediately, it means you will have to pay for the shorter deadline. The price difference can be insignificant if it does not require extreme urgency. If you have to complete your paper within a different time frame, contact our Support for more information.

  • +Who is completing my assignment?

    Only an expert in your field is responsible for the paper completion. The assigned writer will follow your guidelines step by step.

  • +Is it possible to check the availability of the writer in my sphere before ordering your writing service?

    Indisputably. The quickest way is to contact our Live Chat with your inquiry. You can also send an email to: [email protected], providing your paper requirements at least partially. We will reply as soon as we check the writer’s availability.

  • +What principles is your pricing policy based on?

    The pricing has some stable background. However, the rates vary as the number of pages, time limit and academic levels differ. If you visit our "Prices" section, you will be able to calculate an approximate sum independently. In contrast, you can always contact our Customer Care to make those calculations for you.

  • +How do I obtain the final version of my academic order?

    The assignments are uploaded to the Order page. The link that leads directly to the finished paper can be found in a separate email sent by our Customer Support Team. Download your final paper anytime from your account.

  • +Can your writers work with partially produced papers?

    Yes, our experts will read the part you wrote, provide certain suggestions on its improvement (if needed), and complete the rest of the assignment instead of you. Any related details can be discussed either directly with your assigned author or with the available Support agent.

  • +Do you work on weekends?

    Yes. We work in shifts, which means we are there for you to accept your orders around the clock!

  • +Can I address your company with an urgent task?

    Yes, a significant part of the orders we complete is based on urgency. Our amazing experts got used to the assignments with tight deadlines. However, we suggest that you contact our Support Team first to avoid any issues regarding the urgency of your order. Yet, when the deadline is confirmed, we will never miss it!

  • +I need to cooperate only with the exact writer who previously worked for me. How to choose this author again?

    There is a history of orders on your profile. You can see the IDs of all the experts who were responsible for your projects. Once you are ready to place a new order, choose your "Preferred Writer" and the paper will be assigned to him/her.

  • +Can I request certain corrections after the order is completed?

    If there are reasonable remarks on the order improvement, we will revise it for free within 48 hours after we upload the paper to the system. However, if your original instructions were modified, such a revision demands extra fee.

  • +Can I improve my academic rating owing to your assistance?

    Indeed, you can, but such guarantees might not be always veritable if your teacher lowers your grade due to some reasons not dependent on us. Still, unsurpassed quality, originality, and multiple stages of proofreading are our perquisites.

  • +Can I request an advanced Plagiarism detection option?

    Our VIP services encompass extra plagiarism detection. If you pay for this option simultaneously with your order placement, we will add similarity-scanning feature to your profile. There is a chance to scan any work for free within a year via the reliable tool, i.e.

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