A written essay is ordered by an individual (usually a student) to express their thoughts, prove a point or share information.

These are popular academic documents as they pave way for interaction and sharing among students regarding their viewpoints and that too in an orderly manner. It is very important that your written essay should be formatted so as to make it easy to read. Such written works flow turbulently form thought to thought, idea to idea and makes it easy to draw a conclusion along with highlighting important information.

Peculiarities of Writing Essays

A number of professors do emphasis on the fact that their students must follow a specific pattern or format when compiling an essay. The inverted pyramid structure is the most widely taught and followed written essay pattern as a large chunk of information broadly is included at the very beginning and the specifications and conclusions are given in the end. Moreover every paragraph and sub paragraphs also follow this format with the last sentence giving conclusion. So it is of utmost importance to shape up your written essay in a specific format to ensure good readability and presentation of your thoughts and expressions.

A written essay is usually woven around a particular theme or particularly around a thesis. A thesis can be understood as an idea or a statement which throughout the essay is substantiated by the author. The “if, then” statements are popular structure of thesis in which if a result has been reached, then it must have been through a series of events and happenings. In more cases than not this type is thesis is used and applied highlighting the aptness of this format.

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Structuring an Essay

A written essay is well structured and comprises of three parts. It starts with an introduction, an overview of what the essay contains and what it emphasizes on. Next it has a body which describes everything about the topic. All the expressions, the thoughts, the ideas and everything is stored here in the body. In the end it is very important to conclude the essay even if it is based upon the thought process of the author and his viewpoints.

The thesis statement, around which the essay will be woven, has to appear in the introductory paragraph maybe in the beginning or as the end statement. The body, which contains all the specifications, should be in complete agreement with the thesis statement and aimed at emphasizing and elaborating it further. In the end it is more than important to conclude the essay so as to keep forward the viewpoint of the author to the reader and make understanding easy for him.

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It is also very important to understand difference between a review and an essay. While the former is generally short and is simply written in a go, the latter is much well organized is more informative and is well structured. Concluding, we may say that a written essay is versatile and more broader form of a review.


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