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We are a world-class leader in the service of custom academic writing. Not only do we provide premier writing for virtually every type of academic work (essays, book reviews, critiques and analyses, term and research papers, theses, and dissertations) we have a number of other features and guarantees that make us second-to-none in the business of custom academic writing services. Simply stated, we are unique among all available services.

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Once you begin a cursory search for “custom academic papers” on the web, you will find thousands of results, and you could spend days visiting each site to research their product offerings and prices. In fact, however, there are only a few that are truly trusted and reliable sources for your custom academic writing, and we are one of those very few. Once you have ordered and received delivery on just one piece from us, you will realize how truly superior we are and will return again and again for all of your writing needs. Indeed, the vast majority of our clients are repeat customers.

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Consider the following about our custom academic writing service:

  1. We have employed the best native English-speaking writers, who have undergone a rigorous selection process. They are graduate-degreed academicians with years in their fields of study and impeccable writing skills. Many are retired university instructors who, like us, understand that an individual’s difficulty with the process of writing is not indicative of lack of intelligence in an academic field, but, rather, relates either to inexperience with academic writing or stressful time constraints.
  2. We have been in the business of custom academic writing for years and have built our reputation upon the production of the highest quality academic work that will guarantee high grades for every client. We understand the requirements of each type of academic work and every resource citation format that might be required. Further, the client’s specific requirements, those that are unique to his/her work, will be met, without exception.
  3. Our prices are based upon the fact that, in order to provide the highest quality work from the highest quality writers, we will never be the cheapest. Remember, however, that you get exactly what you pay for. If you want and need the quality that will receive superior evaluation, you will be willing to pay a bit more for it. We keep our excellent writers by paying them well.
  4. Client satisfaction is our only goal, for it is the only way we remain in business. Toward that end we guarantee completely original works, written from scratch as they are assigned, delivered to the client within a timeframe that allows review and revision requests.

In addition to providing custom academic papers, we offer a wide range of partial writing services, editing and proofreading. If you have completed a work, and have concerns about structure, organization, style or grammar, we will happily provide a thorough review, suggesting changes and correcting the grammar. If you have your ideas but are unable to organize them into an academically-sound piece of writing, look no further. Our writers can take those ideas and develop a premier product for you. If you require only research, our staff has access to the latest tools and will locate the most current and relevant resources related to your topic.

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Remember – all of our custom writing services come with a three guarantees: complete customer satisfaction (we will provide all revisions if needed), 100% guarantee of originality (using our own plagiarism-detection software), and a further guarantee of confidentiality. Once the product is delivered to you, it is your property, and no one will ever know that you have utilized our service.

Once you have experienced our service, we know you will return for all of your writing needs. There is simply no better place available!


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