Writing a research report requires you to follow some strict protocol, otherwise, the report will be considered poor or fail to meet the desired results.

        When you start writing a research report, the first chapter will be the introduction of the report then will be the body of the report. The conclusion comes in the last with few lines that are meant to retain the interest of the reader.  When you are writing a research report, it is imperative for you to keep in mind the potential readers.  Your research report should be based on the target, the readers.

        Before writing a research report, just check whether the topic you select will attract the readers, what information will be good to retain the interest of the reader, how to interpret the details clearly, and so on. Even from the first sentence, the report should be attractive enough to make the readers proceed with interest.  If the starting is well defined, precise and interesting, the reader will definitely go through the report intently.

        As with the first part, you should also know how to write the subsequent parts while writing a research report. The selected topic is explored further with examples, details and explanation of important points. The following parts are to define and compare the subject with other similar ones, then shed light on the current and future uses or benefits of the selected subject.

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        When writing a research report, you have to let the reader understand clearly what you want to say.  The terms and phrases should be simplified, well narrated.  The details should be concise and interesting. All the paragraphs should be well organized with precise phrases, clearly showing your idea. The writing should always be simple to read and the flow of text should be maintained.

        While writing a research report, you have to include a bibliography at the end.  In bibliography you have to show the list of the sources on which you have based your report.

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        The bibliography entry for a book includes three types of information like the author, title and the publication data which have to appear in a specific way.  If you refer some relevant information, you will get a clear idea as how this book entry section has to be done.  

       When you see the bibliography entry for a magazine, it will require information like the author’s name, article’s name, magazine’s name, date of the magazine and the page number on which the article appears.

       For an encyclopedia entry, there will be the title of the article, title of the encyclopedia and the date of the particular edition.

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