Education system has become very much advanced in the past few years. Earlier on there used to be core of every subject with massive syllabus and a lot of burden on the students. But on seeing the massive pressure on the student government has made several changes in order to reduce the complexity and make the education system even much more interesting. The first step in this decision was to reduce the home work and the next and the most important target was to introduce interesting methods that led to the all round development of the students with minimum burden on them.

Homework has now been replaced by many other interesting home tasks such as creative essay writing, preparation of presentations, article writing, movie review writing, book report writing and many other things as well. This was introduced with an aim not only to improve the knowledge but also to introduce among individuals a good level of confidence and creativity.

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Most of the students either at school level or college level were able to adjust with the system with ease because of their hidden talent and special creativity and better power of understanding of things. But like a coin has both the sides in the similar manner opposite to talented students there were a few students as well who were not able to do the newly introduced home task. Recently introduced trend was the one of book report writing in which all the students were to prepare a report of the book or the course which they have covered. Like mentioned earlier those with good knowledge of subject and extra impressive manner of expression were successfully able to do it but many others failed to do it as well. On the other hand if you look at the desires of people then according to that report almost everyone wants to top in the class and wants himself/herself to be recognized.

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