The Road Not Taken Analysis

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost describes the journey of the speaker through the woods. In the first line, the speaker describes the wood as yellow because eaves falling from the trees cover the ground. The second and third line, describes the speaker’s inability to take both roads at the same time; he therefore stands to critically examine which road he will take. The speaker regrets that he is unable to travel both roads at the same time. In the fourth line, the speaker’s desire to travel both roads is manifested because he stands staring down both roads. The fifth line metaphorically brings out a different meaning of the poem. The speaker might not be travelling on an actual road but a mental view of his future as he decides how to shape his future.

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The sixth line illustrates the speaker’s decision as he decides to take the other road, which is not travelled by many. The speaker in the sixth line is still unsure whether he made the right choice or not because as the eighth line illustrates, the road was bushy and in poor condition. Line s nine and ten further illustrates the speaker’s indecisiveness because he consoles himself that after all, both paths might be similar. The speaker continues to present his thoughts on the similarity of both lines as he states that leaves indicating no possibility of travelers taking that road cover the road. The thirteenth line illustrates the speaker’s regret on choice of path because he plans to use the other road he did not take, the next time he travels again. On second thought, the speaker realizes that it is foolish to plan for another tour in order to take the other road that he did not take. Line 15 metaphorically explains the poem is meaning that it is not wise to return to our former situations, just to make a different decision from the one we made earlier.

Line 16 and 17 describes the speaker’s intention to retell his journey sometimes in the future. Line 18 is a repetition of the first line without the word “yellow.” The repetition reminds the reader about the main subject of the poem. The dash I---- creates a sense of attentiveness in the reader’s mind and desire to listen to what the speaker is about to say next. Line 19 summarizes the speaker’s decision to travel on a road less travelled by many travelers. Line 20 is a positive conclusion as the speaker states that the decision he made, made a difference in his life.

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