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Any work of literature has a setting, be it a poem, drama, prose fiction, epic, among others. The setting is either physical, or the background against where the action takes place. It can be in terms of time or aspect of temporal. Time can be terms of day, night, evening, dawn among others. It can be in terms of seasons ranging from the winter, season of war and rainy season. It can, as well, be in terms of the century, colonial period, period of rebirth, postcolonial period, among others. Setting is in most instances classified in terms of place, for example, the geographical setting, where the incidence occurred. It can also be general environment and manner of living of characters. The setting influences writing of the text, and while the reader or audience appreciates the literary text, they are likely to pinpoint the setting of the text. After an analysis of the texts, the Rape of the Lock and A Doll’s House, the settings of the texts have been critically evaluated. This paper reviews impacts of settings.

Caps of Words/Diction

In the Rape of the Lock, the poet uses a wide range of words, which point to where the incidence took place. His choice of words shows the geographical region of the text. The poet points out that rivalry were launched at the silver Thames. His choice of names also depicts the play as being from England or the ancient Greek. The author uses words, such as Florio, Damon, and Sylph, which are words of the Greek origin. His diction, while describing maidens and occurrences, has achieved their dramatic effect. He says in a certain instance, “every eye was fixed on her alone, on her white breast a sparkling cross she wore, which Jews might kiss and infidels adore.” Jews are scattered in Europe and North America. There are also words of Greek origin commonly used by many English nations in Europe, such as Phoebus, Genii, Zephyrettas, Brillante among others. These words effectively portray the setting as of ancient Greece. In A Doll’s House, the author uses a wide range of Norwegian words and phrases that clearly indicate where the text was written.

The Occupation or Manner of Living

Two texts have brought out their settings using occupations of characters. In Ibsen’s A doll’s House, the play is based on an average family or a well-to-do family. Torvald is the vice president of a bank, while his wife Norah Helmer does odd jobs, such as writing articles secretly. The reader sees the background of these characters as being from a middle-class society. Their lifestyle shows the reader the setting of the play. The reader is also introduced to the character, like Nils Krogstad, who is a lawyer in the bank where Torvald works. Dr. Rank, a family friend to the Torvald and Christine Linde, who is a widow, are some of the characters used by the author in portraying the setting. These characters have been used to define their social status, some from higher social status, while others from lower social status. Through such characters, one can determine the setting of the play. It is, therefore, clear that the working and average people and their professions played a role in staging of the play. This influences their personality. The president of the bank, for instance, is an arrogant man who looks down upon his wife, because of her status quo, and fires the lawyer without considering how he will survive.

In the mocking and heroic poem by Alexander Pope, the characters are used to show their social status and occupation, which helps in determining the setting, while doing the literary appreciation. For instance, a man who cannot marry her because of the traditions and restrictions admires Belinda, a maiden virgin.


Two texts were written at specific times, and it is during such times that they faced certain issues. These times have brought out the setting of texts. In Ibsen’s A doll’s House, the text dates back to the time of history where women were undermined. For instance, Norah is ranked low by her husband and not expected to be autonomous. When she threatens to leave her matrimonial home, Torvald thinks it is impossible, because women could not do that. Norah becomes furious, because she feels that she is being mishandled and toyed like a doll by her husband and her late father. In Christine’s instance, the time is after her husband’s death and during Krogstad’s desperate time after losing his job. The widow takes advantage and coerces him to forget the blackmail scheme. All these converge to indicate the setting of the play. Similarly, in Pope’s poem, the period is when religion was not fully embraced and appreciated, but, instead, oppressed practitioners. Aristocratic catholic families at the period when this poem was written in England, and other denominations faced legal restrictions. He also uses sylphs that are spirits guiding virgins and uses gods and goddesses in this epic. It shows that, it was back then when religion had a different meaning from what we perceive it to be today.

In both texts, settings have certain impacts that help in literary appreciation through analysis of various aspects. In two literature works, setting has been used to influence how texts were written and how the setting effectively demonstrates the purpose of the text. Setting shows how it was used to address issues and show the behavior of characters. It is evident that the type of setting is likely to determine how vivid the text will be and its effect on the audience.

Impact of Setting. Custom Impact of Setting Essay Writing Service || Impact of Setting Essay samples, help

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