Frankenstein Analysis

Walton relationship with Victor Frankenstein is the means through which we get to hear Victor’s story about the monster. Through this relationship, the author mirrors the similarity between the two persons in that Walton just like Victor is an adventurer fascinated with chasing searching for the “country of eternal light”. The actions of Victor and his influence on Walton are illogical given that in one instance he is extorting Walton’s crew to be courageous, while the next he epitomizes the demerits of reckless scientific ambition. Ultimately Walton serves as a foil to Victor as he becomes risk averse and lacks the courage and obsession that characterizes Victor (Genco et al., 2008).

The monster is a created by Victor Frankenstein and is made out to be immense in stature and strength but with a toddler’s mind. The relationship between the monster and Victor is anything but rosy since Victor abandons the monster in search of newer adventures. Victor epitomizes the essence of the monster a heartless person who is only driven by selfish pursuits. The relationship between Victor and the monster is strained since the monster reminds him of what he is since he has also been rejected by the society for bringing the monster to life (Genco et al., 2008). Though the monster is relieved at Victor’s death, their relationship brings to light the similarities in their character since while they have been portrayed as evil it is shown by their actions that they are not all evil as the monster asserts that he is the only person he ever had a relationship with.

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The relationship between Victor and Elizabeth is one of the strongest relationships in the story. Victor describes Elizabeth as more than a sister to him which is more than he has ever said of anyone else in the history. While Elizabeth loves Victor without reservation her love is not reciprocated in the same measure though she never complains (Genco et al., 2008). The love of Elizabeth for Victor results in the monster killing her in order to exact vengeance for abandonment and deprivation. This relationship is an important component of the story as it makes the reader develop ambivalence towards Victor for his indifference to Elizabeth’s love.


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