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Managing contractual performance is a continuous process, which involves evaluating the quality of the desktop computers supplied. The process also involves finding out whether the computers were supplied at a fair prices compared to the price that other contractors are willing to offer. Once computers have been bought, it is expected that activities in the organization will be done easily. Organizations purchase computers with an objective of improving efficiency in performance of duties. All the needs of the organization should be known by the contractor before supply of the computers so that computers that meet the needs of the organization are supplied. In case the computers fail to meet the required needs of the organization, it means that the contractor performance is poor. Continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of purchased computers is what is called performance monitoring.

Performance monitoring is important in maintaining high productivity. An example is where computers are attacked by viruses or the internet connection becomes very slow due to technical errors. In this case, productivity reduces because the work that the employees are able to perform under each circumstance is very small. Productivity therefore reduces. Performance monitoring ensures that the information system is used to the maximum potential. This is as long as the computers are functioning well. Faulty computers due to failure of contractors to deliver quality can lead to reduced productivity. In case the computers are very slow due to attack by viruses, their potential is not fully utilized as compared to the case where there is no virus attack. Performance monitoring motivates the employees in performance of their duties since they are able to do their tasks easily.

Organizations can use various performance indicators to determine the performance of their computers. Some software may be installed in the computers to give reports whenever there are errors in the computer systems. For example, some software gives alerts whenever disk spaces are very low affecting negatively on the performance of the computers. The output per employee could be another performance indicator. If the output per employees reduces with time, it is a good sign that the information system in place has a fault. If the computers purchased serve less customers in a day within time, this would indicate that the performance of these computers. This shows the management that the contractor supplied ineffective products hence another contractor should be sought for when such computers are needed in future.

Responses by the employees about the current system can be another indicator. If the employees complain that they are facing difficulties in use of computers, this would mean that these computers are becoming of less importance to the organization unless some improvements are done on the system.

Several things should be monitored in an organization that uses computers. The users of computers should be monitored. This means that only allowed employees have the permission to use computers. This is important in that it helps avoid stealing of data or causing damage to computers. Allowing foreigners to use computers can lead to introduction of viruses that can affect the productivity of the computers.

Internet should also be monitored. This involves checking the performance of the internet to ensure that it is fast enough to provide quality service to the organization. In case the internet supplied by the contractor is failing the organization most of the times, it indicates that the contractor is unreliable in providing the service. Internet use should also be monitored to avoid access to sites that can lead to attack of the computer system. For example, some sites can lead to download of viruses that can damage computers. Software’s should also be monitored. This is important in that it ensures that an organization has software that are effective and provides the services that the organization requires. The contractor who supplies anti viruses for the computer bought and effective softwares can be rated as a good contractor.

Monitoring results is important for the managers in that it helps to determine whether the IT system in place is of any help to the organization. It helps to identify the problems that the employees are facing in the use of computers so that these problems can be solved in time. Monitoring also helps to identify changes in the external environment that may mean adjustment in IT system in place. Monitoring is important in evaluating the performance of the contractor who supplied desktop computers to the organization.

From the research, it can be concluded that monitoring is an essential activity in an organization. It helps to ensure that the organization receives benefits from the computers bought. It ensures that any problems that are being faced in the use of computers in an organization are solved. Without monitoring, it is difficult to rate the contractor involved in supply of computers. This means that a poorly performing contractor might continue providing services to the organization hence denying the organization maximum benefits from the IT system. It is important that organizations take monitoring activities seriously.

Procurement. Custom Procurement Essay Writing Service || Procurement Essay samples, help

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