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Life is dynamic in that everything keeps changing. This change arises from the need to adapt to the ever changing environment which requires only the fittest to survive. Several theories have been advanced to explain the different perspectives of life. Some of these theories have existed for centuries, others were advanced just recently while many continue to be advanced to explain the dynamics of life. The goal of this essay is to explain how theoretical perspectives on everyday life have changed and developed across the modern and postmodern periods. Hopefully, it will improve the general understanding of historicity of everyday life and equip us with the means to explain the change experienced in the human nature.  

Some ancient theoretical perspectives on life have been used to date, and some people say that such theories would continue making sense even in the postmodern era. The biblical perspective on life is of a particular interest. It advances that life originated from the Almighty God who created all plants and animals. Moreover, it explains that God, who provides life, also takes it, and that human beings were created in His own likeness and will. Particularly, it elucidates that death was as a punishment for disobeying God. This theory reflects God as being supreme and the one who governs lives. Furthermore, it explains that lives revolve around God and that He decides our fate; He can either decide to develop our lives or make them worse in accordance with our deeds. The biblical perspective has been viewed by many as the most relevant theoretical explanation of life perspectives. However, through the years sociologists and psychologists have modeled different theories to help us in understanding theoretical perspectives on life. 

Darwin also explained life as a product of evolution. In his theory, he explained that living organisms evolved from basic organisms to complex creatures. Furthermore, he viewed survival as a product of competition in that the fittest of the organisms were bound to survive and live through the years while the weakest of the organisms died and became extinct. This is the reason behind the extinction of dinosaurs and mammoths. In light of his theory, adaptation was viewed as the basis of competition and survival.  

Darwin’s theory and biblical perspective are considered old theoretical models of explaining life. Current models however, are pseudo-religiously oriented; some are based on evolutionary naturalism, others are based on evolutionary naturalism while the remaining bulks have used science to explain their concepts. For example, the theory of cellular function is a scientific theory advanced to explain the perspectives of life. This theory explains life from the cellular and genetic perspectives which are integrated to give us an outlook of life and death. It effectively shows us how life came into being, how it is maintained and how death occurs. Life is thought to have originated from a single cell which consisted of many genes. The cellular functions, theory explains, are synchronized by the expression of many genes found within the cell nucleus. The expression of genes is in turn synchronized by the translation of proteins and amino acids absorbed into the cell. Apparently, these complex matrixes of events contribute to the synthesis and death of cells. In a bit unconvincing manner, the theory explains that genes regulate the biological clock in that they decide time for synthesis and death of cells. Specifically, when a particular cell has served its functions for a given duration of time or when a cell has been damaged via infections, the genes invoke the death of those cells through apoptosis.  Moreover, the same genes stimulate synthesis of new cells to replace the damaged or dead ones. These cells cumulatively make up an organism hence they determine its overall behavior and life (Hayes, Waldbauer, Jacob-, 2006).

Theoretical Perspectives on Life. Custom Theoretical Perspectives on Life Essay Writing Service || Theoretical Perspectives on Life Essay samples, help

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