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The intake of substance has no value to a human, but only a disruption and disturbance of the natural processes of the body. Thus, the consumption of these substances is a waste of resources that diminishes the economic prosperity. The use of drugs leads to users beginning to loosen and lacking the proper control at the family school and at work, and this continued the use of drugs that will subsequently lead to the loss of control of the one’s life. Thus, the proper social control can be achieved through restraining the drug use. Most drug users result into criminals due to the fact that they have wasted their financial resources; and the simple way to get an access to these substances is through the crime or direct dealing (Dosetsu, 2012).

The exposure of individuals to the particular social environments over a period of time can lead to the use of drugs by these individuals. This is prompted by the events which occurred during the lifetime that affects their attitudes and behaviors towards drugs. The rapid environmental change within a short time may result into the value confusion and disorientation of beliefs that leads to the loss of normative. Therefore, the individual may tend to indulge into the drug use as a mechanism perceived to be effective of avoidance and relief (Abadinsky, 2010). The social disorganization perspective follows the users to their era of the living environment. Individuals that change their environment from one to another do struggle trying to adjust to their new environment, and it is possible for them to be lured to the drug use, deviance and indulgence into criminal activities in order to face with the new environmental forms (Shaw, 2002). The environmental changes from generation to generation and have some drastic and specific changes that have an effect of causing stress and disorders to individuals living in the environment. This is a primary factor that leads individuals to the drug use due to some drastic environmental changes.

 The career perspective is drawn from the career dynamic theory of management and organizational studies, which are in parallel to the use of drugs in the employment career featured by the upward and downward movement in the lifespan of an individual. The evolution process that is evoked by the individual causes the psychological, physiological and social dimensions, which take a different stance in the life of any drug user. The process of the drug use takes through some steps that involve:  initiation, experimentation, dependence, problematic, experience, and help seeking affecting the users (Shaw, 2002). Thus, the use of drugs does not only affect the psychological, physiological, personal and social changes, but has an effect of the social and economic impact on the environment that he lives in.

Particular Social Environments. Custom Particular Social Environments Essay Writing Service || Particular Social Environments Essay samples, help

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