The Wall Street Protest

The world today faces countless challenges ranging from environmental problems to depletion of key resources that are crucial for the growth of the world economy. These challenges have been received differently in various nations. For example, several protests have been staged in the USA by the citizens in order express their views. This paper seeks to discuss the Wall Street Protest.

Occupy Wall Street is a slogan that has been used to describe the current protests in New York. This demonstration began in mid 2011, when a proposal to stage a peaceful protest at Wall Street was expressed in the Ad busters’ magazine. The demonstrators mainly operate from Zuccottti Park, which is located on the Wall Street. This venue was in order to avoid police interference since it is privately managed (Andrew, 2011). The demonstrators are seriously complaining about socioeconomic constraints they are grappling with. In the USA, economic inequalities have increased considerably over the past few years. This problem has been aggravated by the cute shortage of economic opportunities, and economic vices such as corruption.

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 The demonstrators have formulated a political catchphrase known as “we are the 99”. They have used it to express their concern about the concentration of key economic resources among a few individuals, who form only one percent of the entire American population. Besides this, rich individuals have been accused of influencing the government.

Demographic Composition

The demographic composition of the Wall Street protesters is quite unique in the sense that; it attracts individuals from different backgrounds. The protesters also have divergent political affiliations. For instance, some of them are liberals, while others identify themselves as either conservatives, or socialists. The protest was initially conducted by young people. However, as the demonstrations ensued, they were joined by old individuals. Religious organizations and workers have also engaged in this demonstration.  Political analysts contend that the demographic structure of the Wall Street Protest might make its members support the Democrats. This is possible because the Tea Party has been associated with the Republicans owing to its demographic composition (Hiltzik, 2011). Another worth mentioning development is that, the wealthy individuals are now supporting the protests. For instance, they have created a blog in which they say that they are the one percent supporting the ninety nine percent (Rothbaum, 2011).

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Public Opinion

This protest has been received fairly well by both the public and the government. In New York, the poll survey that was conducted by Quinnipiac University revealed that over sixty seven percent of New York voters support the movement, and only twenty three percent of them dismiss it. Despite the increase in popularity of this demonstration, its critics have condemned it for failing to have a clear agenda and objectives (Joseph, 2011).

Global Impact

This protest has attracted the attention of many people across the world, because they never thought the socioeconomic issues they face would also affect people in the developed countries. Therefore, it has acted as a source of inspiration to other people seeking to eliminate socioeconomic inequalities in their countries. The Wall Street Protest has also changed the manner the American citizens approach socioeconomic issues. For the first time the issue of race and class has not been used to determine the followers of a protest. Indeed, “it is true that crisis brings people together” (Hiltzik, 2011). In other countries, people have now realized the need to join hands in fighting social injustices.

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The above discussion has revealed the nature of the Wall Street protest. This protest has been important to the Americans because it has enabled them to express their challenges together. The Wall Street Protest has the potential of gaining more supporters due to its demographic structure. It is also likely to overshadow the Tea Party Movement that only attracts the conservatives. Moreover, it will influence future political processes in the USA, beginning with the next year’s elections. This is because many candidates will use it as a platform to express their opinions.

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