The American People

According to Boyer et al (2012), freedmen in America had to be put under certain programs that could improve their lives. After slavery was eliminated, many laws and policies have to be located or to set so as to make sure that the black people get access to their needs like other Native Americans. The leaders of the day moved on to enact laws and legislations that to could help to transform freedmen in legal citizens entitled to the rights like other people. Because freedmen were fresh from slavery, they faced many challenges because some citizens still perceived them as mere slaves and they found it more difficult to access education, employment opportunities and also experienced violence.

It took the initiative of various civic and federal leaders to restore peace and harmony between the former slaves and the Native Americans, these leaders included David Barrow who wrote a book highlighting the plight of the freedmen attracting the attention of the whole country and helped to change the way people perceived the slaves. Leaders like Hiram Revels and K.Bruce were in the senate and formed American black elite that presented the agendas of the freedmen. Legislations like the civil rights act of 1875 ensured integration in the education sector. By the end of 1877 the fracas between President Johnson and the congress led to the enactment of the republican plan to restore the south that included radical enfranchisement.

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In my own view I think what the local and the federal leaders of America did was almost enough in trying to address the plight of the freedmen, my view is that more strict legislations could have been enacted to emphasis the fact that the non-born Americans were people who had the potential to do all that the American could have done, they should have been allowed to access quality education and could have been allowed to access good jobs. The only main problem with addressing the issues pertaining freedman was the time lag since it took the Americans a lot of time to fully accept and include the slaves into their national plans.

A lot of emphasis could have been placed on the job sector where discrimination and segregation were rampant, they could have emphasized earlier enough that non-black people should also access white collar jobs and not only the manual ones. The learning institutions still experienced segregation; the government could have put in place a follow up mechanism to combat that vice. By analyzing the situation critically it can be viewed that America bowed to pressure from Christian and other anti-slavery advocates and finally resorted to combating slavery. The freeing of slaves was a good initiative since it restored the human dignity and therefore American has to be recognized for its anti-slavery campaigns up to the recent past. We should there give thanks to the Americans who spearheaded the freeing of the slaves.

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