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Promotion is the creation of awareness to the public about a product or service with the aim of attracting them toward consuming the product or the service. According to business, some of the key objectives of carrying out a promotion are to increase sales, create awareness, and differentiate products/services. When a company has a new product/service in the market, it will have to promote it so that it can create awareness to its target audience. Additionally, for a product/service that has been in the market for a while, companies still have to promote them so that they increase their sales. Regarding that, there are different ways of promoting goods and services. The common communication media used today include the internet, television and newspapers. JetBlue airline is a new line in the US and systems of promoting it are underway. This essay discuses that in detail.

Target Audience

The JetBlue airline is a new airline that connects USA and France. The connection between these two countries is ideal since different people fly to and from each of these countries each day. However, the target audience is the business community. More businesspersons travel on a daily basis between these two countries to carry out their business. With that knowledge, it will be more significant to target them in the promotion to draw their interest in using the airline.

Geographic Focus within the Country

The geographic focus is the area coverage in the promotion of the airlines. With the knowledge that the target audience is businesspersons, the geographic focus is mostly within the big cities. Arguably, most businesspersons reside in the cities.

Local Competitors

In every business, there must be both local and international competitors. Competitors always have both advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages of the competitors is that they create the atmosphere of working harder to ensure the business gains a competitive advantage and age over them. However, competitors are disadvantageous since they could take all customers the services and products provided at the business do not meet their standards. In the USA airline industry, our main competitors will be the American Airways. The American Airways is arguably the best company in the airline services. To add on that, they also focus on providing air services between USA and France. They would be the biggest competitors.

Applicable Communication Media

Notably, there has been the development of technology and systems of advertisement have even evolved. The common and cheap media that most companies and people are using today is the internet. However, for the airline promotion, the best media in practice would be newspapers.

Message Use to Reach the Audience

The message used in a promotion is ideal in reaching an audience. Messaging is like the main theme of the promotion. JetBlue airline plans to attract a large audience and the message would be Connecting the World.

The Impact of the Promotion

Notably, promotion’s aim is to increase the sales of goods/services as well as create awareness about a new service/product. This promotion would probably bring 100% success since people would be aware about the new connection between the USA and France and start using it.

In conclusion, promotion   is an important and determining factor in a business plan. Similar to advertisement, promotion creates awareness and emphasizes the use of a certain product or services. The JetBlue airlines services are new connecting USA and France. Notably, most people that fly between these two countries are businesspersons and this makes them the target audience. The best media to utilize for the promotion of the JetBlue airlines would be newspapers because they can reach a large audience. With effective promotion, obviously this would be a success.

Promotion. Custom Promotion Essay Writing Service || Promotion Essay samples, help

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