People with Disabilities

Many people in the world have been fighting for equality and progress of people with disabilities. These people have sought for the assimilation of persons with disabilities in different spheres of social stratification, and they have made some significant progress. However, this has been a difficult journey since society has engraved in people’s minds, over time, the idea that people with disabilities are there to be helped; they believe that people with disabilities provide lessons and inspirations to people without disabilities.

Why I Burned My Book

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In this essay, Paul Longmore understands disability as one of the main varieties of human experiences, and he urges people to establish disability as a class of historical, political, and social analysis of the society. Paul feels that the issue of disability should be studied just as issues such as class, gender and race are studied in relation to the society. This essay seeks for the hidden pattern of total prejudice; it seeks to find out the institutionalized bias that affects people with disabilities.

This representation of disability is important since people see disability, not as something humiliating, but as an experience in the course of human life. This makes the people with disabilities develop a positive attitude towards their condition. Thus, they make their condition their strong point, and they do not let their disabilities destroy them. Disability should also be included in the various studies of the society, and this will ensure that the society does not prejudice people with disabilities by their experiences. This shows that it is ready to end the prejudices placed on persons with disabilities through the integration of these people in the society’s affairs.

The FDR Memorial: Who Speaks From the Wheelchair?

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This article revolves the life of President Roosevelt, and it shows him as a man who had a lot of influence and skills of leadership. The article outlines the success of Roosevelt as an American president who did a lot of things to change the world. He had a lot of potentials, and he accomplished a lot during his 12 year presidency.  However, Roosevelt had a disability, but this disability did not ruin him. He fought against the odds of his disability and accomplished a lot of difficult tasks. The article shows that people with disabilities have potential, and they should make this potential work.

This representation of disability is crucial because it motivates people with disabilities to go beyond their disability. The people involved in putting up an FDR memorial on disability wanted an article that will not force people feel compassion for ones with disabilities; they wanted people with disabilities to be presented as ones who can run the economy. This shows that the society has taken a good stand against discriminating these people.

The Misfit and Muscular Dystrophy

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In this article, Jerry Lewis finds that people with disabilities can be made to feel better than their conditions dictate. Therefore, Jerry started a Telethon for people with disabilities. In these occasions, he organized fund raisings to support people with disabilities. However, people contributed because they felt some sympathy towards people with disabilities; the idea of equality did not compel them to do it.

This view of people with disabilities is wrong since it makes these people feel as if they are not part of the society. This article shows that there are some people who oppose to the idea of equality among all people; the society should not just pity people with disabilities, but it should give them chances to contribute to the well being of the society.

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