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The society today needs brains for various reasons. First of all, education is an essential element that determines success of any individual in the community. Secondly, brains are important in the society since they prepare people mentally, physically, and socially for work in everyday life. In every society education remains the foundation that brings economic wealth. Brains help to develop and preserve a healthy society by, for example, preparing healthcare professionals or educating health care consumers. That is why it is vital for the government to support education economically and practically. This paper explores the importance of brains for individuals who live in a community.

For people who live in a society brains are great and, actually, the best way of development because intelligence enables to find opportunities and get good jobs. Educated people always gain considerable respect since they are the elements that effectively contribute to the development of the society by inventing new devices and making discoveries. Brainy people are able make sacrifices by efficiently spending time and money in order to raise the living standards of others (Kenneth 122). Most highly educated people improve living standards by investing in health care centres.

Brains constantly show the importance of education because it is important to cultivate minds of individuals within any society. Also, brains prepare people to work in building economy as well as integrating individuals into a morally upright society. Education pioneered by brains helps to prepare young people to become leaders in next generations (Kenneth 172).

Kenneth  affirms that intelligence is indispensable to every society because it helps to provide a worldwide forum where teachers and scholars can evaluate problems within the education sector (Kenneth 137). This also helps to better understand a rural community and aids to educate a society to form a clear view on social processes and economy.

In conclusion, investing in human capital, lifelong learning, and quality education is extremely important for the development of a society. Brains are essential factors that facilitate constant innovations in the society and provide essential prerequisite for new researches and novelties. Various intelligent individuals provide provisions for more secure and healthier living environment and standards. Taking into consideration everything abovementioned, it is obvious that it is essential for the government to invest more on education.

Society needs brains. Custom Society needs brains Essay Writing Service || Society needs brains Essay samples, help

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