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Media violence is considered to be one of the major problems of nowadays as it represents a great risk to the children’s health and worldview. A great number of studies confirm that violence in the movies, cartoons, news and other media can make undesirable contribution to aggressiveness and violent behavior of young generation. But at the same time there are some positive moments, which are to be mentioned within the issue.

The question about the impact of media violence on the society, namely on children and adolescents, has been debated for many years and a lot of books and articles about this impact were published. According to the most general results of major studies, children who are exposed to violent television shows are more likely to become criminals in future. Besides, the researchers claim that media violence can affect any child regardless of parents’ behavior and social class. The general conclusion of the researches is that media violence increases likelihood of a child to behave in more aggressive way. However, there are some researches that contradict these results and prove that media violence cannot be the only causer of violence in real world, and children who watch it on TV may be not affected negatively.

It is almost impossible to be sure in the cause of aggressive behavior of young people, because in addition to the violence on TV there are many other things that influence their development, namely social values of fellows and parents, violent video games, general living conditions and others. I think that if person’s life is happy and he has great family, education, work, etc. nothing, including media violence, could change the situation and make him a criminal. Parents’ task is to create such conditions in which children will not be affected by violent films and programs.

In view of the above, the existence of the negative impact of media violence has not ubiquitous character, and many children who watch too much violent films and programs do not behave more aggressively and do not hold attitudes that favor aggression as a way to solve conflicts. On the contrary, they see violence on TV and understand that these violent things are not to be done. If there were no media violence, how could children understand what is good and bad?

One cannot but agrees that such films help to relax and to experience strong emotions, and this may be very useful for people who work hard or for children who are tired. Of course it is better to watch some violence on TV than to make it in reality. Many people, who support this idea, consider media violence to be a myth which was created for justification of existing violence in reality. In fact, media violence is more likely to have positive influence rather than negative one.

In this way, there are clear indications that effects of media violence can be positive and they are not sure to lead to irreversible negative consequences in the society, as it is stated in the majority of the researches. Media violence teaches children what things are right and wrong, helping them to identify themselves with the positive characters who struggle for freedom, justice and independence. Besides, media violence helps to release emotions and to have rest. I cannot but agree that today media violence exists everywhere and almost every person watches it on TV every day. At the same time it doesn’t make every person aggressive or violent as the majority of people are able to differentiate between real world and films.

Media Violence. Custom Media Violence Essay Writing Service || Media Violence Essay samples, help

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