Children and Television

Dear parents, have you ever wondered what alters your child most? Of course not, because you hardly have time for them in this fast moving world. Just go and have a look at your child sitting before the black plastic box at   home and you shall find the answer yourself. Yes, you got it right-Television! It is the most impacting tool for the children today. Not just because it is entertaining but because it is a source of an unlimited fun for those tender hearts.  

The “idiot” box has a lot of information stored in it, I   agree. It is the most important tool for education of a child. The information flow is so unlimited that spending just a few hours is not enough to be aware of the happenings around the world. The channels are abundant but our children hardly have time for those informative stuff. They are glued to eye-catching, heart-beating reality shows instead of the knowledge imparting programs.

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Yes, I agree that television is entertaining but only when it is monitored and controlled by you. You may be glad that your son watches those cartoons and imitates   funny and dangerous characters but you are missing something behind that. You are letting your child away from reality and pushing him or her into solitude. Please do not say that your kid has a company of others. That only makes things worse - it is not only a child of yours but there are also other kids ruining their lives. And do you think they are going to stop this on your word? Absolutely not; that would only make things worse.

Whom to blame - you or your kid? Better say both. It is your easy-going attitude that initiated this problem in the first place. How can those tender hearts understand the dos and don’ts of this life? They neither had experience nor exposure. And sticking to TV only widens their inability. You should have monitored your child in front of TV from the beginning. Better late than never; if you find your child stuck to TV for   hours with unnecessary stuff, it is still in your hands to make them better fans. Do not leave their lives to those boxes; children are the future of our nation.

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