Employee Rights

The rights that employees have are obtained in three main instruments. These are the Contract of employment if in writing, Common law implied terms and statute law (Goldman, 1988). Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws include the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Equal Pay Act (EPA). An employee under the criminal justice system as withother workplaces is to be guaranteed a safe system of work and provision of adequate tools to perform the tasks assigned.

Competent and skilled fellow employees also play a fundamental part in ensuring the overall welfare of employees. This helps in avoiding negligent acts or omissions as well as the physical safety and safety of personal property of the employee. If the employer is in breach of any of these duties, then he will be deemed to be negligent and if damage occurs to the employee then the employer is liable to pay damages. In cases where rights of the employee are infringed upon, the employee can sue for damages, an action for quantum meruit and lastly Action under the work injury benefits act.

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Employees also have a Right to paid annual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and sick leave .Emerging trends include hardship allowance, mileage allowance and staff scholarships. Disabled employees are also given tasks that they can handle instead of being dismissed. HIV and terminal diseases have also impacted administration of criminal justice systems. Government initiated Counseling and welfare funds have emerged as a frontier in taking care of affected employees (vol18 No2,, 1994).

These rights are aimed at ensuring fair administrative justice, reduce stress and frustration amongst personnel in the system as it can have a ripple effect on the administration of justice as well as to align the benefits of the public service across the board from Police officers to mainstream civil service (Peak, 2012).

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