Deviant for a Day

Deviant is a term used to describe the differing from the daily norms or what the society expects in general. A person can decide to be deviant just to draw attention from other people. There are different ways that a person can be deviant for a day. Notably, an individual may decide to dress in an old fashioned way or dress not for the occasion. For instance, an individual turns up in the office wearing baggy jeans and t-shirts. Obliviously, this will draw people’s attention and everybody will be looking at him suspiciously.  The society is used to people wearing suits or official clothes to the office and this is the reason why wearing baggy jeans would be deviant. Apart from what people would comment on your deviancy, you will personally have some feeling in you. This essay discusses a deviant day.

Violating the Norm

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Working in an office, the rules or rather the office normality is that people wear official clothes like suits for decency purposes (Andersen & Howard 113). However, for me, I decided to wear baggy jeans with a t-shirt, on that day. At work, all my colleagues reacted differently. As others were amazed by the way I had decided to go against the norm, others were shocked and commented negatively. Additionally, my response to peoples questions were not the way they expected me to respond. Unlike other days that you would ask I a question and I answer you briefly, on this day I had detailed answers. A person/friend would simply ask me how I was feeling that day and I would exaggerate it by telling him/her the way I have been feeling for a couple of days, my future plans, emotions and many more. The deviancy was more evident from the distance I kept while talking to people. It is normal for my friends and me to talk while we are almost close, but on this occasion I maintained a distance of about two meters and this made them worried. Lastly, I am known to be noisy and talkative, but this particular day I remained polite to both my friends and family.

People’s Reactions when I decided to be Deviant

Firstly, people were suspicious at home when they saw me leaving dressed in baggy jeans instead of an official wear. Everybody in the family was questioning me why I was going to work dressed in that manner. They were worried and seemed not settled at all courtesy of my dress code. Additionally, they thought I was going for some other business and they wanted to know more about it. To my siblings, it was a moment of laughter as they thought it was comical wearing baggy jeans to an office. Generally, they were worried.

Secondly, at work, my workmates/friends were kind of amused because they are used to seeing me dressed in official clothes. Those who are close to me spent the day making fun of me of how I looked weird. However, some workmates especially those of the higher ranks were not happy with the way I had dressed on that day. They were displeased with me going against the institution’s normality. They reacted in a violent way and even threatened to send me back home.

Thirdly, on this day I was polite to everyone starting from my family members to my friends. The family members thought I was behaving awkwardly and could not stop making fun of me due to my politeness. Generally, my family members insulted me of pretending to be a good person. Besides them, there were my friends. My friends were worried since they know am not a polite person. They were too doubtful as everyone wanted to know what had befallen me to make me that polite. Furthermore, others reacted in a way that they assumed that maybe I was sick and needed immediate check up and even opted to take me to the hospital.

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Lastly, most of my friends were annoyed with me being deviant. My friends and I normally talk from and close contact. However, on this particular day, I opted not to be close to them. Instead, I maintained at least a distance of two meters away from them while we had a conversation. They tried to gap the distance but I made sure I maintained it by moving back. This made them angry with me since they thought I was avoiding them.

Personal Feeling When Behaving In A Deviant Way

Behaving in a deviant way is tricky as you personally feel you are making people worried. Personally, I felt weird going to work with in baggy jeans instead of official wear. Additionally, I felt guilty keeping a long distance when talking with my pals. I knew I was making them angry and this kind of made upset. The decision of deciding to be polite and act like a guest was also tricky because that is not my personal being. I felt as if I was being deprived my personal rights since it was hard to stay all day long without talking much the way am used to.

My Experience Using Terms of Sociology

Firstly, it affected my social relation. Social relations refer to the relationship between two or more individual. According to Clinard and Meier, my deviant day affected my social relation with friends and workmates as they thought I was behaving awkwardly (75). The most serious thing was keeping distance while talking to them.

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Additionally, my deviant day made people to doubt my social psychology. Social psychology is the study of human behavior and mental process (Clinard and Meier 82). On that day, everybody doubted my social psychology as other people thought maybe I had gone mad or I was mentally ill. I could not stand and talk to a person at a near range, instead, I kept distance and if anyone tried to space it up I moved further.

Lastly, it was guilty to deal with the community psychology. The community psychology is the way an individual relates to the community (Scott 76). The people were used to seeing me dressed in an official way and behave in a certain manner. However, on this day I changed and this affected the psychology of the whole community. Nobody could understand what the problem was as others event opted to taking me for medication.

In conclusion, deviant is a term used to describe the differing from the daily norms or what the society expects from in general. There are various ways that a person can go against the normality of the day to day life. One of the notable ways that a person can go against the norm is by changing his behavior. An individual can wake up and decide that on that particular day they will be polite and conscious when on the other days they are always noisy. Moreover, a person can go against the norm too by means of dressing. There are those people that we are used to seeing them dressed in official clothes. Such persons can surprise us one day when they turn up dressed in some casual outfits. The person’s general characteristics can also change the normality.

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