Conceptions of the Public Space Pedagogy

Public space can be defined as a location secluded for public use. This can occur in form of roads, public squares, parks beaches and government offices. The dynamic nature of human societies further widens this scope of definition to include privately owned space that is designed and used for public activity like shopping malls, hotels and clubs. Public space pedagogy concepts aim at imparting knowledge and skills on how to conduct ourselves in social arenas based on societal cultures and laws. These concepts help us realize that there is the need to respect social norms while we interact with public facilities.

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Uses of Public Space

Public space can be used for public expression of feelings on various issues affecting communities. For instance the objections of communities on various political, social, human rights or even economic issues is more effective when conducted in a public area.

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Since long ago public places have been used to as memorial sites for occurrences that were of public interest. Incidents such as those of significant wars, bomb blasts, signing of treaties have been immortalized by use of public places.

The utilization of public locations by community members for display of local cultures and art, group activities, social support of disadvantaged members of society, information on issues of health among others is also another common occurrence.  The space thus serves as a place for creation and strengthening of social ties.

Public spaces act as locations for trading. This therefore provides a means of earning an income for the sellers and acquiring of essential goods for the buyers. In addition to this there is exchange of ideas through the mingling of cultures thus leading to societal transformation.

Negative use of public space is also commonly experienced in cases where there is exchange of socially undesirable services and goods like sex and drugs.

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In conclusion, the pedagogy of public space brings to our understanding the importance of public spaces and thus enables us to make right decisions while interacting with public facilities.

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