American Nurses Association

In most cases, nursing organizations are established to cater for the welfare of nurses. Thus, such organisations may be formed for networking purposes or education, which means that nurses can update each other on matters of their profession. Nursing organisations have assumed more significance considering the rapid change due to technological advancements. Nursing organizations also certify nurses, an aspect that demonstrates commitment and excellence in the field of practice. One such organization is the American Nurses Association (A.N.A).

The A.N.A has adopted a bureaucratic structure where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Thus, the organisation has a hierarchical structure. The ultimate approvers of all decisions are the Board of Directors. The board members work under the president of the organization. Below the president, there are the first and second vice presidents, secretary, treasurer and the representatives to the House of Delegates (American Nurses Association, 2010).

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Further, the American Nurses Association (2010) gave details that the governing body, which is the Board, elects representatives to standing committees. However, all members are allowed to attend meetings, and voice any concerns to the board. The committees are divided into Bylaws Committee, which is responsible for suggesting, receiving and proposing by-laws or amendments. The Finance Committee makes and monitors the annual budget and recommends the findings to the Board for approval. The Legislative Committee recommends the organizations’ policy and position on legislation. The Nominations Committee makes recommendations for appointments to A.N.A. representative positions and representatives to other organizations. This committee also elects the Chairperson. The Conference Committee is responsible for organising all conventions. The Editorial Committee manages the organization’s website and the journals delivered to the registered nurses and hospitals on a quarterly basis.

Increasing autonomy ensures that nurses work more without any hindrance. Thus, I would propose that the working schedule should be published so that the nurses do not need to be issued with directions on each aspect that arises. This would enhance professionalism at the workplace. To empower nurses, nursing organizations should allow them vote in whenever issues that touch on them are deliberated. By participating in decision-making, nurses would own the decisions. Thus, they are more likely to contribute more to the nursing profession.

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