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Contemporary Health Care Issues: Accessibility and Healthcare. Custom Contemporary Health Care Issues: Accessibility and Healthcare Essay Writing Service || Contemporary Health Care Issues: Accessibility and Healthcare Essay samples, help

Healthcare within the society has drastically scaled the heights of success as medical procedures have advanced to a degree where numerous diseases have cures or controls. The contemporary issues in the past were probably finding a way to control diseases that were prevalent in those eras. However, currently healthcare issues have evolved into a totally different scene. The new healthcare that various organization offer is fulfilling in its scope and provision. The healthcare systems that various healthcare organizations formulate tend to make these services available to a majority of the society members. The cost of healthcare has been a key factor holding back people from accessing healthcare. The location of the healthcare facilities within a few or remote regions for different specialties also create a significant challenge to both the organization and the patients. Therefore, accessibility to healthcare impinges on the healthcare organization’s customer turnout. A low turnout due to cost of healthcare or location gives healthcare organizations’ management a massive role in formulating strategies to ensure that the healthcare facilities remain profitable. (Auerbach & Kellermann, 2011) (Health Care Issues." Health Care Reform and Universal Health Care.)

The profit margins that a healthcare organization realizes in some of its costly services reduce with the economic challenges that people face in the current society. The healthcare policies within the country (case in point the Affordable Care Act) do not favor insurance companies as they require them to indiscriminately sell off policies (Huntington et al. 2011). The risk factors involved in offering policies to high-risk persons tends to incur losses to the healthcare organizations as they pay for the costly services that their clients have to receive. This has led to a reduction in healthcare insurers as the business is not profitable. This leaves the healthcare services unavailable to most patients as the prices are not affordable.

The impact of this on profit healthcare organizations is the reduction in client turnout as the prices are not affordable to a significant portion of the population that falls within the middle-class income range. The client base of the profit organizations considerably reduces as the income of the organization must much the outcome, thus subsidies are out of the question. This makes the healthcare facility have a difficult task of marketing its own insurance policies that might end up accumulating losses for the organization.

For non-profit healthcare organizations, the accessibility of healthcare is conveniently affordable to the citizens. The result of inaccessibility of healthcare services to the citizens leads to them to the next affordable healthcare system available; non-profit health care organizations. The subsidization of prices by the non-profit healthcare organizations is due to the exemption of such organizations from tax payments. Furthermore, external funding for such charitable organizations make the management unconcerned about the losses that it might incur. This makes accessibility as a contemporary issue in healthcare not as significant to nonprofit organizations in comparison to profit healthcare organizations.

The financial management staff of the healthcare organization views this as a key challenge as the moral aspect of denying healthcare services to persons due to finances are extremely volatile (Annan, 1960). This makes the healthcare organization tarnish its public image as well as public relations. However, the equipment and staff within the healthcare facilities cannot lie idle and thus the financial management has to come up with means to curb the low customer turnout due to the inaccessibility of the expensive services. The formulation of manageable payment plans for the patients can bring back the clients back to the organizations as both parties need the other. This is because the lack of agreement between the patients and the healthcare organizations will end up hurting the patients’ health as well as deleteriously reducing the profit margin of the organization. Lobbying for the amendment of the Affordable Care Act to bring back health insurers into the market can also increase the affordability of healthcare for citizens within the country. (Schalling, 2009)

This issue requires the financial management of healthcare organizations to adhere to the provision of healthcare of set standards despite the cost. Subsidization of prices with the reduction of the quality of healthcare services is constitutionally unacceptable. Therefore, the financial management has to find a way to bring in profits into the organization without losing clients. The competition among healthcare organizations by means of advertisements also has constitutional limits to which financial managements must consider in marketing their payment plans. The insurance policies a healthcare organization formulates to cover payments must equally adhere to the Affordable Care Act as it applies to all insurers. This might prove disadvantageous to the organizations as citizens are now in the business of avoiding purchase of insurance policies unless they require them. This has left the whole health care system as a gambling tool for the clients it so serves. 

Contemporary Health Care Issues: Accessibility and Healthcare. Custom Contemporary Health Care Issues: Accessibility and Healthcare Essay Writing Service || Contemporary Health Care Issues: Accessibility and Healthcare Essay samples, help

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