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In order to understand what dreams are, one has to put his experiences and thoughts of the whole day in a particular order and then play through the most worrying things. Though many scholars have tried to come up with the right definition of what dreams are, the big question is, can they really? The reality is that there has never existed something as mysterious as a dream. The paper is out to address the mysterious part of dreams as something shared by all in common. It is the same thing no matter the gender, race, and region as every dream. The paper also tries to appreciate the fact that dreams are as interesting as they combine fantasy and facts to come up with a fairy tale in our minds (Matheson, p 56).

Dreams plays the role of having the mind get the chance to reflect into the subconscious where a realm of feelings are experienced which the person dreaming has no idea of such an experience.  The fathers of psych such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud have their say in this as they believe dreams come about when one has excess to raw material on the mind covering the so many aspects of life. In such a situation, the person faces these personal experiences but in a fantasized world either the way the person would have wished the reality to be or the way he fears for the worst regarding the situation.   Dreaming is considered as an interaction between the conscious and the unconscious minds. Though taken for granted, dreams are important to proper functioning of the mind and body (Matheson, p 42).

The Mystery Part of Dreams

Dreams are believed to have been a mystery to mankind since the earliest time of creation when Adam first came to life.  Considering the legends stuff, fairy tales and myths, dreams have in many ways always fascinated the mankind world.  Dreams are not just part of our nights but lessons to be taken seriously. People can learn so many things from what they dream but this can only happen if they take time to listen to their dreams with trained ears.  This should not scare interested parties away as something complicated and to be left to those who have specialized on psychic. There is nothing special about understanding what we dream. It only requires a given degree of intuition, in addition to logic then coupled with a working knowledge of anyone who finds himself dreaming. This can be done by any individual despite the age, level of education, cultural background or race. We however have to admit that analyzing once dreams may at times sound hard and may come out as being intimidating but with the right state of the mind, the process can be done with a lot of ease (Effros, p 42). 

When one dreams or experiences a series of dreams he wishes to understand them more, it is advised that the best way to approach that is to put down on paper as much details about the dreams as one can remember and if it is possible about each dream. Some of the things to take note of are the characters appearing in the dreams, the place and set up, colors and the emotions of the characters. It comes as mystery that every little bit of a dream has a meaning thus nothing should be ignored. Once every detail has been written down, it is now time to read everything over as one tries to identify the symbols evident. With such symbols, their meanings can be easily looked up in selected dictionary search.  It now remains with the individual to consider which among the possible interpretation fits his or her dream best as well as the personal experiences? The more one practices, the better he or she will get in developing personal dream interpretations (Effros, p 34). 

Dreams in most cases are rarely light, happy and cheery. This has been explained by scientists as to be as a result of the fact that dreams rarely reflect the spirits of the person who is dreaming at that time but instead experiment and express issues and problems the person dreaming is faced with to resolve. For example, really horrifying dreams reflect the horrors the dreamer needs to get away from. The trauma nurses are the most common victims of such cases. A complex and long dream involving things like planning a project or trying to figure out your next best move, the mind at that time tries to adjust so as to be involved in the planning taking place in the dream. Most people are seen to share only the happy dreams when life seem to be really bad on them and their subconscious tries to perceive that at that particular time, more than analysis is pure personal comfort. The same explains why most people will remember bad dreams when enjoying the happy moments of their lives and will note of the dream either to be a sign of warning or as a lesson to learn from. The event in dreams means of consolation and encouragement seeing the lost one a live or having your mortgage paid (Effros, p 62). 

People talk so much about dreams. The dreams mostly talked about are filed with personal interests. Dreams that offer comfort and warmth for the love of good men and women. Dreams mostly meant for our families and to help our fellows so as at the end perhaps to leave a memory or legacy that other people would find it hopeful to recall and that would make them happy. All these are not dreams but aspirations. Dream are not controlled as they come to our minds in dark and escape our minds before it dawns and in most times before even the mind is awake. In such a situation, all this happen before the mind understands what the dream meant. Dreams are as mists. They are as aspiring as the good wood. Dreams stay in our minds in all hours making all the days the lives we live.  They appear to be strong but they end up being mutable if the dreamer applies his or her will (Effros, p 41).  .

If the dreamer remains to be a good craftsman and as patient as a carpenter with a good strong wood, then he or she can carefully and easily help the images desired to emerge from the wood chrysalis of his or her aspirations. And with a patient, careful and taking quite time, any person dreaming can comfortably call forth revealing the images hidden in the woods, and these are the underlying bones making his aspirations.  The dreams can be provided with strength as well as comely form thus giving them the required flesh of reality.  This can only be achieved if done true and well. Once this is achieved, the desired inspiration’s form stand in front of the person dreaming, easily realized, in their life. Never the less, this is not what makes up the dreams stuff, this are just protean images that have been  conceived in people’s heads and hearts, whose real forms are not dreams but aspirations coming up as a consequent of hope, love, care, diligence and attention.  These on our minds are not dreams but aspirations that have come true (Effros, p 42).  .

The Scientific Definition of a Dream

According to science, dreaming occurs in the rapid eye movement (R.E.M) part of the brain at some stage of sleeping. At this part of the brain, the brain activity has been found to be signaled and its activities are high as a result of the eyes rapid horizontal movement. However, dreams also occur at other stages of sleeping. Such dreams are in most cases less clear and less memorable. They have also been observed to last either for a few seconds or go as long as more than twenty minutes. A dream according to science is a link and a symbol than unites the inner core of the person’s subconscious. They vary from mundane and normal to bizarre and surreal. A person dreaming in most of the times drives creative thoughts or in other cases provokes an inspiration sense.  According to science, everyone dreams, it is just that some people forget.  People forget their dreams when they pass out naturally in their sleep through the traditional normal cycle (Matheson, p 51).

If a person dreaming is a woken directly when he or she is from REM sleep, he is most likely going to remember what the dream was about from that particular REM cycle. However, there are chances that not all that one dreams will be recalled now that they occurred in the REM cycles. This is because, in some situations,  the cycles are interrupted by the delta sleep periods which in the long run have a tendency to make the memory of the dreams that came before to fade. Psychologists argue that the daily activities of an individual while a wake have a lot of effects on what they dream. Scientists on their side remain divided on the degree at which these activities impact what a person dreams. To them, the argument is not substantiated enough.  Chances are that one can direct the intentions of the content of a dream as the person is vast with the dream as the actual dream unfolds. This type of dreaming is referred to as lucid dreaming. Though scientists have had their share in trying to understand what dreaming is all about, they beat around the main issues as they spend most of their time trying to explain at what part of the brain dreaming take place and the conditions resulting in dreaming but still they don’t  put it clear what a dream is to them. This is to mean, even with the coming of modern technology, a dream still remains a mystery to everyone (Freud Sigmund).  


Dreaming will always remain part of our normal lives. It is an involuntary process that conjures up sounds, images, feelings, ideas and sensations as one sleep. Very few body process can put together all these leaving dreaming to be regarded as one of the most unique body process. It is not just an interesting process but also mysterious.  They come in all forms whether magical, horrifying, wonderful, adventurers, and frightening or they can be boring or mundane. Scientists, historian, religious leaders, physiologists and scholars all differ in their understanding and occurrences of dreams hence there is no one agreed on definition of a dream. This means that as it has been in the past, dreams will continue to remain a mystery in the human life. The better one tries to understand and appreciate, the easier it becomes for him to live with it. 

What are Dreams. Custom What are Dreams Essay Writing Service || What are Dreams Essay samples, help

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