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Artificial intelligence has two opposing sides, and each of the side has its own reasons to support its take on the issue. The researchers and scientists who are behind the idea of creating artificially intelligent robots believe that, by the year 2045, they will have accomplished the goal of creating robots that will replace human beings in most of the human aspects.  On the other hand, the public has been having a hard time getting convinced that this will happen since the public at large does not believe that scientists and researchers behind this project will accomplish the task of creating a robot that has all the human aspects of human thinking and the capability of carrying out the daily human activities. The public even at one point withdrew their support by ceasing to sponsor the research programs.

The scientists and researchers behind this project of creating the artificial intelligent robots with the human aspects have facts that prove that this is highly possible since over the years there has been some major breakthroughs accomplished through artificial intelligence. The first accomplishment was the creation of the microchip that increased computer power exponentially. Another advancement made by artificial intelligence is its contribution to the state of art through robotics, speech recognition and machine to human language translation. Artificial intelligence has also advanced symbolic reasoning, which has been, used to create expert systems and also in some scientific fields. Lastly artificial has successfully been used in DNA sequencing and computer games. 

The public at large is the opponents of the artificial intelligence world since they do not believe that scientists can come up with artificially intelligent robots that can replace humans. The robots rely on the programs that the humans themselves have developed. This means that the robots have failed to come up with their own program to run on proving that human interception is a must. They also point out that the robots are not endowed with common sense plus other human aspects like emotions since the researchers have overlooked child human and latter skills and so for this reason they can never be like human beings. The robots use large inference systems or homogenous neural nets as a brain, and they can never have a human brain since the human brain is complex since it is made of specialized modules. Finally, the systems that the robots ran on are very difficult and can sometimes prove to be futile.

The public hold the belief that the robots can never have a human brain, and human aspects, but this is merely a belief that cannot be used as evidence. This is because researchers have actually copied some of the human thinking aspects like speech recognition and 3D environment reconstruction and integrated them into the robots. They have also come up with a project (CYC) that can perform intelligent operations in specific areas, can be trained to interact with human beings and can accumulate knowledge and attain common sense. Finally, the researchers will construct part of the human brain using silicon and this means that the robots will have human intelligence in aspects like cognition, perception and rehearsal learning.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence. Custom The Future of Artificial Intelligence Essay Writing Service || The Future of Artificial Intelligence Essay samples, help

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