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The article How to see the Invisible: 3 approaches of finding dark matter which was posted by Lisa Randall is a merge to the course Earth Science. According to this article, it focuses and describes varies scientists and forms of attaining dark matter, small components and particles that sculpture the universe and hold together galaxies. In relation to the course of earth Science, the course is based mainly on the solar system and its properties. Galaxies being part of the solar system, the course describes them in details, giving its properties, composition, components, and types so as the article How to see the Invisible describes and illustrates the hidden aspects of the Earth.

The main purpose of this article was to reveal and expose the hidden aspects of the Earth. Despite the fact that researches are conducted day in and day out, all is not explained. The article tries to bring into awareness the various components and particles that form the galaxies. It explains further what earth is and its constituencies. It also describes what efforts are done by the scientists to explain the nature of the Earth and to improve the understanding of human beings regarding their knowledge and awareness on the solar system.  

“Although we live in the renaissance era of cosmology, in which theories and observation have advanced to the stage where ideas can be precisely tested, we also live in the dark ages.” (Randall, 2011). The writer of this article meant that despite the fact that technology has advanced very rapidly and the transformation of information and new researches being conducted every day, the universe still remains the same and nothing is affected. We are not aware of what the Earth is and the particles that hold the galaxies together. We only understand a fraction of the entire universe and its properties.

Since the publication of this article, technology has advanced to a wide extend and scientists have performed researches without fatigue to vividly explain the nature of the Earth. People are anxious and thirsty of learning more and attain an understanding of what the earth looks like in real sense. This article acted like a stimulant that provoked human beings to look deeper and possess interest in Earth Science by finding more and more.

The articles information is critical and offers an urge to keep on finding more. According to the activities proposed by the article, teachers can actively involve their students in performing part of it attributing the importance of the topic to the students. The activities built an interest and develop a positive attitude on the students helping them to understand the relevance of the topic.

Scientists are limited to study only one problem at a time, due to the fact that scientific research methods permit either artistic research or historical research. According this research methods, observation and formulation of a topic, formation of a hypothesis, gathering of relevant information and analysis of the data is required which is more demanding that it can’t allow multiple study of problems at the same time.

The society has a role to play in understanding the nature of the universe. They are required to understand what Earth is and the various particles that form the solar system in order to have awareness in case a strange activity arises. They should understand how to react to certain conditions which are caused by fluctuation and the behavior of the universe.

Computers are the base foundation in conducting research and attaining information. Since most of the Earth science research is conducted in space making it expensive, by the use of satellite in space, computers can be used to gather information based on the behavior of the universe reducing the travelling cost and also saving on time. At the same time the information gathered can be analyzed and interpreted by the same computer using the assistance of special software’s, hence attaining first hand information which is accurately presented. Also the information is stored for future reference and out do the issue of repetition.


The solar system is the most vital aspect to human beings. It is the back born of the universe and all the activities conducted by human beings for they are based on the behavior of the universe. It is essential to understand the components of the Earth and its heavenly bodies. It enables human beings to plan for the future and manage their schedules regarding the information and awareness of the system.

How to See the Invisible. Custom How to See the Invisible Essay Writing Service || How to See the Invisible Essay samples, help

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