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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Custom Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Essay Writing Service || Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Essay samples, help

Charles Darwin theory of evolution is based on natural selection of fit individuals or species to survive while the weak ones fade off. He explains that nature has a way of selecting what has the desirable characteristics to survive. It is all about survival for the fittest. If you are fit enough you survive, otherwise you die. Philosophers argued that life was created by a being that was supernatural due to the complexity that nature provides. Darwin’s theory is based on five major things as highlighted below. The first one is that, species do contain great fertility in such a way that they produce many offspring. The large no of offspring produced by the species cannot grow to adulthood. The second thing is that populations fluctuate in minimal amounts hence remaining roughly the same. Thirdly, food resources are constant most of the time although they are scarce or limited. Darwin’s fourth point was, no two individuals look the same or have similar characteristics in sexually reproduced species. This was an indication that there is a lot of variation in species. Lastly, these variations are heritable.

By the first three observations, it can clearly be seen that there is the struggle for survival among individuals. It is inferred that each individual has to struggle and individuals with the best of the characteristics usually survive. These traits or characteristics, which are advantageous, are passed to their offspring and they are inherited by the generations that follow. The characteristics become dominant with time among the population, and this is what is referred to as natural selection. If this natural selection continues for many years, changes are made to a population, and new species are brought forth.

Darwin theory was that all life descended or came from an original species from a long time ago. This idea is supported by DNA testing. This theory has sparked up a lot of debate about God’s existence. According to Darwin the universe was not designed to fit life, but life is evolved to fit the universe. This is contrast to belief in God as portrayed by many denomination teachings. According to the book of Genesis, God created the universe and the things in it.  Evolution does not explain circumstances that brought about evolution itself came about. This is because until this circumstances came about there could be no evolution then. Another point against evolution is what is known as ‘weak anthropic principle’. This principle argues that there should be an existence of an observer to observe the universe. Meaning that there is no reason for explaining why we need to observe the fitness of the universe. It further infers that if the universe was not fit, then observers would not be there to observe its existence. This also portrays some evil as to why would God create animals and make them suffer so much for very many years in order to evolve. Evolution also shows some kind of meaningless to our existence. The reason as to why we exist is sorely because we evolved but according to God, everyone was created for a purpose.

William Paley a famous Christian philosopher from Britain, was known for his version called ‘‘the argument from design’’. He believed that the eye is just like a watch or a camera, and it is a machine. He argues that just like a machine that has a thoughtful designer, is the eye. Paley believes that things like plants and animals, which are much more complex in comparison to a watch needs a thoughtful designer who is great. He believed that this great designer was God and he did not believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution. Paley believed that biological complexity is as a result of an intelligent designer. This intelligent designer designed animals and plants at once having a prior knowledge of how they would fit together and perform their function. Darwin’s theory fails to explain the origin of life but rather explains how complex things emerge and increase. It explains how biological creatures come out with no intelligent agency.

Evolution theories do not answer many questions; how did we come into existence on the planet? Why are we here? How did the tiny fragments that were organized into what we see today came into being? In other words, how did all this happen without a supernatural power?

In conclusion, I say that Darwin’s theory of evolution truly undermines belief in God. This is because the story of creation is the most sentimental connection between man and God and hence the heart of man’s belief in God. In undermining this story by bringing up the theory of evolution, Darwin, to a large extent, manages to create doubts about the existence of God.

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Custom Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Essay Writing Service || Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Essay samples, help

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