Sustainable Leadership and Social Justice

In the journal, "Sustainable Leadership and Social Justice", the author states that sustainable leadership helps to facilitate continuous and sustainable learning. ''Learning is always the focal point of every activity carried out by leaders as others emulate them'' (Hargreaves 2005, 02). Student learning must therefore always come first and be well supported by everybody. This means that learning opportunities which are equitable for both student and leader learning must be created and availed. The author notes that this objective is achievable by making learning and teaching the central to leaders own worker. It can also be achieved by making learning a shared mission between the teachers, students, community, and leaders.In order to create a learning community, transformation of the school's culture is necessary. Learning must come before a testing. Consequently, this means making learning a paramount priority, making it transparent and promoting assessment for learning. It further calls for the creation of emotional condition for learning and becoming more knowledgeable about learning.Sustainable leadership is determined by the learning depth and achievement and not by tested performance (Hargreaves, 2005). It is also characterized by length of the effects at long last which is achieved through good management. Breadth of influence is also a characteristic of sustainable leadership where leadership becomes a distributed responsibility.

Sustained leadership development which is well designed is vital in school systems which need high quality learning for and teaching of the students. For this reason therefore, leadership development helps leaders to be more instructional and to come up with school cultures which result to continuous improvement in learning and teaching, and more so encourage supportive relationship for both adults and young people.How it influenced my thinking

It is important that professional learning and teamwork learning start at the top leadership level in a school. Leaders should also be ready to get fully committed and at the same time engage in development. It is important for the leaders to have the will and ability to change their own actions, understanding and beliefs. This is because situations are ever intermittent.Creating an organizational culture that is knowledge centered has a lot of benefits. These benefits include learning and great corporation, which in turn results to sharing of knowledge and increase in quality of work which helps an organization to retain those employees who are knowledgeable (Hargreaves, 2005). Realization of these benefits strongly relies on employees being given the opportunity and autonomy to do experiments and make mistakes. This requires a culture that values learning and knowledge sharing in an organization. A knowledge focused manager in an organization promotes learning opportunities, values sharing of knowledge and views employee turnover as sustainable incentive. They therefore value recruitment process that is wholly delegated to the human resource management that is fully capacitated.The author argued that leaders should create a shared vision to help the people use their special talents interdependently and independently in order to achieve the set goals in an organization. A leader should possess the ability of coming up with a solution when faced by a difficult situation and also help other people to understand the situation. A leader should also be open in order to embrace uncertainty and at the same time should have the will to commit to capacity building and continuous learning while allowing other people to make their own choices. Learning starts and is driven by a learners aspiration of what they want to achieve and not by fear which results to crisis. Therefore leaders identify the people who are learning in order to serve people efficiently or to improve their life style. People are mostly driven by meaningful.

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