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My most challenging experience and at some point interesting experience was a tree planting exercise that we were to carry out on the world tree planting day which is held every 5th June of every year. During this year's tree planting day, I started out with trainings on how to plant trees; the advantages of planting trees and also on how to take care of trees until they were ready enough maybe after two years. The training part was so interesting and I was so eager to go out into the field and plant our own trees.We set out at around ten o'clock in the morning to the highlands where we were to carry out the exercise; everyone carried their tools such as fork and spade and the trees were also carried along. The journey to these highlands was fun and interesting. When we reached to the highlands, the weather was hot and the sun was scorching but I had carried enough water to drink and also for the trees and so I thought everything was going to be alright. The challenging moments now started because as I started digging the holes that were supposed to be wide and not too deep under the scorching sun the environment was not so encouraging and was very much unfriendly, I could not fold back to expose my anger and started complaining. This was because the task was challenging enough as I had only been exposed to the class work all through. I was expected to plant ten trees each on that highland and ensure that they will survive well under my care.

After the digging of the holes and then adding manure, the trees were brought by the team leader and I was supposed to fetch water from a nearby stream. This water helped me to take care of the transplanted trees to minimize or totally avoid root tearing. This is because if the roots were girdled it would lead to killing of these trees. It was a challenging experience to finish planting the trees though I managed to plant them all. At this moment, I was tired and hungry by the end of the exercise at 4 o'clock and I set out back to my residing areas ready to water and take care of the tree for five years.

I would recommend this experience to many other people because trees are essential and important in our day to day lives. Trees are known to be oxygen filters; they provide shelter and also food to humans and other animals. The trees also influence the climate.

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